DESIGNER OF THE WEEK: MARNI (in black and white!)

Marni is an Italian fashion company that’s been around since the 90’s – it is sometimes described as “bohemian”, but most of my favorite pieces from Marni are pretty classic.  I am pretty eager for spring to come – as much as I love snow, I would rather be wearing white than walking in it at this point.  Here are a few white and black Marni pieces that I love right now ~

I love this bracelet– I always love the ribbon-tie on bracelets and necklaces though I am not sure how practical that is when you’re wearing it.

This tote continues my tote bag obsession – it is a simple design but there is some variation in the linen that makes is beautiful.

I am obsessed with white with black piping on just about anything so these Marni square-toe pumps fit the bill.  They’re on sale right now – 50% off!!

This Marni Cotton Short Dress is really simple but I love the ribbon on the back – I am wondering what accessories would look great with this? I am sure there is a belt that might add some shape if need be?

This clutch is 50% off right now – Maybe it’s a black and white thing, but I also happen to be obsessed with zebra print.

Aaaaaand back to the black piping again – I love this Large Suede Satchel:


Well that’s it for me – Have a great week!

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