I have had by own living room for about five years now, and while I have accumulating more than enough “stuff” in general, I am way behind on deciding on some decent throw pillows. I tend to drag my bed pillows into the living room from the bedroom when I need one. Right now the living room scheme consist of the following:

Sort of a difficult combination of grey/blue, red, ochre, black, white and grey. It seems to work pretty alright together, but I am not the greatest at putting colors and patterns together so this whole pillow thing has me stuck. I figure I will incorporate a bit more red into the room and throw pillows would probably be an easy way to do that – however, I also envision there being a combination of colors and patterns in the pillow scheme among the sofa and chair, although again, what combination would look great in there is not obvious to me. On top of all of that, throw pillows aren’t cheap – once you buy four or six it can really add up – so even though I have seen a lot of ones I love, I don’t want to pull the trigger until I get it all sorted out completely. Here are a few that I like at the moment – whether any of them would go together (and with the room) has yet to be determined….

Ferm Living Silk Pillow in Curry

Ferm Living Weed Pilow in Petrol

Pier One Garnet Ruffles Pillow

Crate and Barrel Meridian Marimekko Pillow

Amazon Bohemian Damask in Red, White, and Ochre

2Modern Oilo Band Pewter


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