Not So Lazy Saturday

It’s Saturday, so I am in my usual routine of gym, coffee, breakfast, laundry and homework. Fun, huh?  At some point this weekend I am going to go see my friend Leah’s new baby too! So excited!!! But anyway, with everything on my list I shall leave you with this – one of my many Shopstyle ensembles I put together.  I am sad the Aldo purse sold out before I could get it.  I am pretty sure if I win the lottery I will buy every color of those Tiffany sugar stacks rings – they look great with just about every outfit.   I included my favorite perfume – Dior Addict 2 – I am pretty sure I am the only person who actually likes or even knows about that one 🙂  And of course, Christina Hendricks?  So beautiful.  I love Mad men – the story line is great and all but it’s the retro imagery that I love the most.  Have a good weekend!!!

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