the weekend ~

It’s finally feeling like fall around here!  I got this great cotton blazer at H&M – I love the elbow patches and the fabric is slightly stretchy and super comfortable.  I am loving my new MICHAEL Michael Kors bag, too!  I really have my eye on this MK satchel…it’s $100 more and shape-wise is basically a smaller version of my LV speedy 35 – so, while I do like it and it’s still on the wish list, I stuck with a less expensive MK that is more practical for school.


almost autumn…

It’s about one more week until autumn, and I am really hoping that the weather cools down. My A/C could use a break!  Lately I’ve been shopping for fall clothes (both for work and otherwise), and I’ve found that I am really drawn to loose pleated pants with a matching tie belt, just like in the summer when I liked the same style in shorts-form.  I like these pants because they’re cropped and lightweight.  They seem appropriate for the sometimes warm, sometimes cool weather of September. The same goes for the suede platform sandals. I am also drawn to sequins, and have already bought a sequin cashmere blend tank top that was on sale at J. Crew.  I like this sweater above.  It’s definitely an outfit I envision wearing on a cool evening in early fall, perhaps for dinner or a play.  I really love Reed Krakoff bags, particularly this tote bag that is available in a number of different material and color combinations.  Reed Krakoff if a fairly new brand by Coach – the design has a modern look that’s quite different from Coach bags, and the bags come in at well over $1,000.

I am liking the glitter trend in nail polish right now, but with my job, it’s just not practical to wear that to work, nor is it practical for me to put it on on a friday evening, for example, and then remove it at the close of the weekend. For that reason I will be sticking with plain, old-fashioned solid colors.

a new favorite designer….Rachel Roy

Ok, I dont know if she is “new” necessarily, but she is new to me.  Rachel Roy has a great line of clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry called RACHEL by Rachel Roy.  Her Fall 2011 RRR lookbook reminds me somewhat of a Free People-type style, although the clothes in general have their own unique feel.  I particularly love the shoes and bags, but I guess I am sort of a shoe and bag nut anyway!  Right now she is offering 25% off all shoes, and if you sign up to get her emails, you get another 20% off.  I ordered a pair of her Pepino heels in Nubuck.

Cute, huh?! Since I just signed up for email AND the sale is going on, I got them for about $66 plus tax and shipping instead of $110!  I am excited to wear these with skinny jeans this fall. They’re suede, so here’s hoping that  it does not rain too much.  I seem to love suede shoes – does anyone have a suggestion for a good suede protector???  Anyway, this particular pair also comes in purple…


I love the purple, too, but this style seems like a very casual, “every day/wear with everything”-kinda style, so I am going for a more neutral tone that I can wear with everything.  I also love this Quilted Large Satchel – I am not sure, but it seems like it may be big enough for my laptop.  A highlighter leaked all over my leather bag I usually use to carry my laptop to class, so I am in the market for a new bag or two to replace it…definitely keeping thing one in mind.

How about you? DO you have any new designers you like for this Fall??

Ready for the weekend….

It has been such a long week! It has turned out pretty good, but I am looking forward to the weekend.  I will be spending it studying about 12 hours a day saturday and sunday, but being at home, doing things on my own time, is still more relaxing that the hectic schedule I have all week.  The weather is looking promising…I have a cute chambray sundress I got from Target last month that I cannot wait to wear, as well as a pretty beaded top from Nordstrom I have also had for awhile and haven’t gotten to wear yet.  One exciting thing that happened this week is that my Rebecca Minkoff Bombe MAC clutch came in the mail! It’s so pretty.  I have been in love with the Mini Bombe M.A.B. (especially in ivory with navy patent leather) ever since the day it came out.  I have a ton of big purses and just splurged on a Louis Vuitton this winter, so I could not quite justify yet another big bag…however, I do love the Bombe style, and do not have many smaller bags.  Despite being called a “clutch”, the Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. (“morning after clutch”) is actually pretty spacious.  I cannot fit ten pounds of crap in it like I can my larger purses, but you can easily fit a full size wallet, cosmetic bag, phone, and a few other items with no problem. I also love the chain strap.  “Purse jewelry” as I like to call it 🙂

In 20 days I will have this semester behind me and I will have plenty of downtime to do things I enjoy.  I will probably bring this up a lot in the next couple of weeks!!!  Have a good weekend and enjoy the nice weather if you’re lucky enough to get some!

~ Mossimo Sundress ~

~ Matty M Beaded Top ~

~ Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Bombe ~

Fashion: Accessories ~ Key Holders

I love small accessories and am always looking for an excuse to get more.  No matter how many I have, I always find use for one or several wallets, pouches, etc. in my bags at any given time. I am paranoid about makeup and highlighters leaking onto the lining of my bags, I like to avoid embarrassing moments like a tampon spillage in public places, and sometimes in a huge bag it is easier if you have everything broken down into a few categories of smaller bags from which you can readily choose and find what you’re searching for.  Larger “small” accessories like the Tory Burch pouch I recently bought are great for larger travel items like hairbrushes, hair products, etc., and I can also load it up with all the post it note pads, highlighters, pens, small stapler, and so forth that I carry around during my exam studying time.

Another added bonus of small accessories is that you can often get miniature versions of a designer style or print you like for a fraction of the cost of the designer’s full-sized purse counterpart.

I have bought plenty of attractive small accessories for various uses, including containers for my boyfriend’s junk mail and pretty Envirosax reusable grocery bags, but one “everyday” item of mine that has not been subjected to any embellishment is my set of keys. Right now my keys are pretty sad looking – my house, work, and car keys along with the car remote, Petsmart PetPerks Card and a couple of gym membership cards.  So not interesting.

Numerous designers carry key holders that either hold the keys themselves or simply act as a small “coin purse”-type attachment to a key holder.  Do you have one in particular that you use?

~ Louis Vuitton Epi Leather 4 Key Holder ~

~ Louis Vuitton Monogram Round 6 Key Holder GM ~

~ Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas 6 Key Holder ~

~ Marc Jacobs Preppy Leather Key Pouch ~

~ Juicy Couture Polka Dot Suede Drop In Key Purse ~

~ Dior Gold Patent Timeless Key Case ~

~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Calfskin Key Pouch ~

~ Juicy Couture Quilted Shimmer Key Pouch ~

~ Kate Spade Head in the Sand Darla Key Pouch ~

~ Dooney & Bourke Portofino Coin Case ~

Weekend bargain shopping ~ my last hurrah.

I had a fun weekend.  My boyfriend’s parents came in town from Iowa to visit and go out for his birthday.  We ate a lot, shopped, and overall had a good time.  I also was able to go out in the neighborhood last night to a friend’s housewarming party and the local nightlife scene.  This was a great weekend, however, exams are coming up at the end of April so it’s that time where I will spend the next month or so devoting every waking moment of free time to reviewing, studying, and outlining.  Cannot wait for May!!!

This weekend bargain shopping included visits to some of the obvious spots – we went to Nordstrom Rack and I also went today to H&M and Forever 21.  These places are on my no-fail list for good deals. They never let me down!

I found a cute short-sleeved striped cardigan at Forever 21, as well as a cute ikat-y printed strapless jumpsuit. I seem to have a thing for blue this season…

I also got a braided leather bracelet and flower hair accessories from H&M, as well as a brocade credit card holder and miniature Prada Tendre perfume from the Rack.  I love the miniature perfumes, because there are so many perfumes I love but a full sized bottle is so expensive.  I do not wear perfume very often, so the sizes they sell at the Rack (this one was $12) are just right.

I am really excited about this one!!  I got this Kate Moss for Longchamp cosmetic bag in light blue calfskin for $45. It retailed for $260 so that’s quite a discount. I really like the braiding on the outside, and the zebra print interior really did me in.

I also got this cute Mulberry knock-off at H&M for $24.  As much as I love the real thing, this bag will do me just fine 🙂

That’s it for me, how was your weekend??

DESIGNER OF THE WEEK: MARNI (in black and white!)

Marni is an Italian fashion company that’s been around since the 90’s – it is sometimes described as “bohemian”, but most of my favorite pieces from Marni are pretty classic.  I am pretty eager for spring to come – as much as I love snow, I would rather be wearing white than walking in it at this point.  Here are a few white and black Marni pieces that I love right now ~

I love this bracelet– I always love the ribbon-tie on bracelets and necklaces though I am not sure how practical that is when you’re wearing it.

This tote continues my tote bag obsession – it is a simple design but there is some variation in the linen that makes is beautiful.

I am obsessed with white with black piping on just about anything so these Marni square-toe pumps fit the bill.  They’re on sale right now – 50% off!!

This Marni Cotton Short Dress is really simple but I love the ribbon on the back – I am wondering what accessories would look great with this? I am sure there is a belt that might add some shape if need be?

This clutch is 50% off right now – Maybe it’s a black and white thing, but I also happen to be obsessed with zebra print.

Aaaaaand back to the black piping again – I love this Large Suede Satchel:


Well that’s it for me – Have a great week!


Longchamp is a French leather goods company that has been around since 1948. I had always associated it with an older, more sophisticated crowd due to the classic leather silhouettes they use (think 30- or 40-somethings carrying the bags or luggage for career-related functions).  The Longchamp Le Pliage nylon travel tote bag has been around for a long time (the 90’s maybe??) but for whatever reason recently, like, the past 2 or 3 months, I have started to see them EVERYWHERE.  I do not know if they just gained popularity in my city or what, but my gosh!  Maybe it is the recession?  I used to walk through the mall and regularly see pre-teens, teenagers, and 20-somethings with  $300+ Coach or Dooney and Bourke bags – lately the La Pliage has supplanted those “designer” brands and my guess is the $100-$140 price tag is more palatable.  This bag has definitely brought Longchamp to the younger crowd.

I do like the Le Pliage, particularly the small and medium sizes where the leather flap seems more proportional to the size of the bag itself.  Despite my love of tote-type bags (I have a ton because I love to switch them out to carry to my night classes three or four nights a week), I have been unsure about getting one of these since I did not love the colors.  I tend to gravitate toward whites, greys, blacks, and a few select bright colors.

However, recently I noticed that the Longchamp website allows you to “customize” a Le Pliage – you choose the size, hardware color (silver, gold or gunmetal), the strap length (long or short), a color combination, and monogramming (either embroidery on the nylon or engraving in the leather).

I had not been entirely sold on the Le Pliage until I discovered this “create your own” Le Pliage.  I toyed around with the color combinations a bit, and call me boring, but I really love the white-on-white nylon and gold hardware with the brown leather and long straps.  I also think the engraving on the leather personalizes it a bit since it is otherwise such a simple design.  I am looking forward to getting this combination in the medium size – it will be a perfect color combo for spring and summer.  I also like that while it is a simple bag that many people own, I can get one for just $25 more than is different than most everyone else’s:


I went back to school this week (I am in grad school in the evenings), and so I used it as an excuse to get some new bags.  I found this site called, that sells handmade bags out of Malaysia.  They also have an Etsy shop.  They only have a few products that come in a number of colors.   All their bags come with plenty of interior pockets.  I am not sure if you think this is a bad or good thing, but I do know that I could personally use a separate pocket for my cell phone and keys – I am constantly paranoid that I am forgetting them and so I fish through my big bags repeatedly on the walk to and from class, double-checking that they’re still there. I drive myself crazy doing that!

The Kinies bags certainly do have a space for a Blackberry of iPhone, and they have a little silver hook for the keys, too!  I had been eyeing two different bags on the site for some time – the EZ Canvas Bag in Goldenrod, and the QT Canvas Tote in dark teal.

I decided to get both and I am pretty excited!  I have not used the QT Tote yet – the teal and bow seem a bit more spring/summery to me.

I have been carrying the goldenrod EZ bag to work and school in addition to my purse and I love it.

I can fit my wallet, pencil case, phone, keys, laptop, cord, and plenty of other things.  It seems pretty heavy duty and is washable, though I have not washed it yet.  I know it is only a matter of time until I spill coffee on it and will need to test it out J