hello, autumn

Hello, all!  I hope your autumn (or spring, depending on where you’re at) is off to a nice start.  I’ve got 8 weeks of classes left until I am finished FOREVER, so I am pretty pumped about that.  95% of the work that’s left for this semester must be completed this month, which also means I am in for a long and boring October.  The upside is that November won’t be too bad at all and I can enjoy Thanksgiving.  I LOVE the holidays.  I will be studying for the bar exam in the midst of them, but that’s okay.

To cap off the summer, a few weeks ago we went on a canoeing trip with friends.  My puppy Ella quite enjoyed herself.  She loved fetching the frisbee in the river.  She’s a pretty good swimmer on her own, but I am overprotective so I got her this Ruffwear life jacket.  I plan to go on many more canoeing trips in the summers to come. 🙂

The unfortunate consequence of that trip was that I lost my sunglasses in the river 😦  They were the Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviators.  I loved them, but they didn’t stay on my face anyway, hence their watery demise, so I figured now is as good a time as any to find a pair of aviators that fit my face better.  I ended up going with the Persol Square Top Bar Aviator PO2407S in matte gunmetal.

I saw a lot of good reviews of them online. I love them!! They’re much heavier/less flimsy than the Ray-Bans, and they stay on my face.  I love the tortoise shell and metal detailing on the sides, too, even though you can’t really tell from this photo. Hopefully I don’t lose or break these too soon 🙂  If I do, I swear it’s $5 plastic shades from the gas station from here on out.

I’ve also had my eye on the Michael Kors Runway watch in gold forever.  I love that watch and see it everywhere, and I finally decided to get it, but I went with the less common gold/horn color instead.  The writing on the face was softer and more feminine, and I liked the horn colored enamel mixed with the gold.

Of course, it’s huge right now so I need to get some links taken out, but I can’t wait to wear it!   I think those are enough accessories for me this year.  I ended up getting the watch because I wanted to get a new work bag, but as usual, I am being very indecisive about that.  I figured I’d hold onto the ones I use frequently for a little longer and wait until the spring, and get the watch instead.

Enjoy your week! I’m off to start my marathon month of homework….

happy friday ~ rainy week

Happy Friday, everyone! It has been unusually cold and rainy this entire week. Definitely the thing I hate most about fall. As usual I broke out my beloved Hunter rain boots. I really don’t know what I did before these. I do recall walking around a lot more often with uncomfortably wet feet….is it silly that I am hoping we have another snow-packed winter here in Cincinnati? I enjoy them so much more now that I’ve got practical shoes for it. My dog Jenny comes with me to work every day, and I have on-street parking. This means that if it’s a rainy morning and my car is parked far away, by the time I get to work I have a very wet dog on my hands. NOT good. Lucky for me, I’ve got this sweet dog rain coat. She doesn’t like wearing it, but it gets the job done. Not bad for $12. I think people probably think I am just trying to be cute, but seriously I don’t know how people send their dogs outside in the rain without one.

I also found out this week that buying a cake pop from Starbucks is a lot easier than making them myself. So good! OH and in anticipation of some sunnier days, I got these Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviators. My Tory Burch aviators I got last winter broke on me, so I needed a new pair. Hopefully these hold up better than those did! I was just going to get the classic aviators, but then I saw these and read reviews that they are a little better for small faces. I don’t necessarily consider myself as having a small face, but I do notice that a lot of sunglasses I try on just seem too big for my face, so I opted for these, and so far I am pretty happy with them. They don’t pinch my head (if there is any tension whatsoever where they hit behind the ears, I get headaches), they’re really light (i.e. no sweat/makeup buildup where they hit my cheeks on a warm day), and even though they sort of “wrap” your head more so than the classic version, they still don’t smash my eyelashes too bad like a lot of sunglasses do.

I am spending this weekend outlining for my agency, partnerships and LLC’s class. I usually don’t start my marathon outlining weekends until November, but I thought I’d get a head start this year….wish me luck and have a good weekend!!!

~ Kathy

almost autumn…

It’s about one more week until autumn, and I am really hoping that the weather cools down. My A/C could use a break!  Lately I’ve been shopping for fall clothes (both for work and otherwise), and I’ve found that I am really drawn to loose pleated pants with a matching tie belt, just like in the summer when I liked the same style in shorts-form.  I like these pants because they’re cropped and lightweight.  They seem appropriate for the sometimes warm, sometimes cool weather of September. The same goes for the suede platform sandals. I am also drawn to sequins, and have already bought a sequin cashmere blend tank top that was on sale at J. Crew.  I like this sweater above.  It’s definitely an outfit I envision wearing on a cool evening in early fall, perhaps for dinner or a play.  I really love Reed Krakoff bags, particularly this tote bag that is available in a number of different material and color combinations.  Reed Krakoff if a fairly new brand by Coach – the design has a modern look that’s quite different from Coach bags, and the bags come in at well over $1,000.

I am liking the glitter trend in nail polish right now, but with my job, it’s just not practical to wear that to work, nor is it practical for me to put it on on a friday evening, for example, and then remove it at the close of the weekend. For that reason I will be sticking with plain, old-fashioned solid colors.

a new favorite designer….Rachel Roy

Ok, I dont know if she is “new” necessarily, but she is new to me.  Rachel Roy has a great line of clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry called RACHEL by Rachel Roy.  Her Fall 2011 RRR lookbook reminds me somewhat of a Free People-type style, although the clothes in general have their own unique feel.  I particularly love the shoes and bags, but I guess I am sort of a shoe and bag nut anyway!  Right now she is offering 25% off all shoes, and if you sign up to get her emails, you get another 20% off.  I ordered a pair of her Pepino heels in Nubuck.

Cute, huh?! Since I just signed up for email AND the sale is going on, I got them for about $66 plus tax and shipping instead of $110!  I am excited to wear these with skinny jeans this fall. They’re suede, so here’s hoping that  it does not rain too much.  I seem to love suede shoes – does anyone have a suggestion for a good suede protector???  Anyway, this particular pair also comes in purple…

Source: http://www.heightmagazine.com

I love the purple, too, but this style seems like a very casual, “every day/wear with everything”-kinda style, so I am going for a more neutral tone that I can wear with everything.  I also love this Quilted Large Satchel – I am not sure, but it seems like it may be big enough for my laptop.  A highlighter leaked all over my leather bag I usually use to carry my laptop to class, so I am in the market for a new bag or two to replace it…definitely keeping thing one in mind.

How about you? DO you have any new designers you like for this Fall??

I Have Returned!!!…….. and DIY Jewelry

Hello! I hope everyone had a great summer. Given that I did not take any summer classes and was only working full-time, I anticipated that I would be posting more often – obviously the opposite has happened!  I tried to enjoy my nights and weekends off, which meant swearing off spending any time on the computer as much as possible outside of my job, except to at least keep up with what was happening elsewhere on the blogs.  Well, school started again and I have been reading for my classes today, so lo and behold, it’s an appropriate time to break from that and post something!

Anyway………one trend I like lately is the trend toward wearing multiple bracelets – a mixture of watches, wrap bracelets, metal links, etc. One type of bracelet I like in particular is the leather wrap bracelet, a trend that seems to have been made popular by the Chan Luu.

Chan Luu Gold Vermeil And Silver Bead Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

Chan Luu Nugget Wrap Bracelet: Beige

Max & Chloe Waxing Poetic Circe Leather Wrap Bracelet with Ring in Buff

Presh Crystal Rhinestone Multi-Chain Eggshell Leather Wrap Bracelet

I saw this tutorial on the blog Honestly WTF and gave it a go, except I replaced the hex nut with a lobster clasp.  It was really quick and easy and I would like to try it with a strand of rhinestone beads as well.  I happened to have the ball chain lying around from when I bought the wrong color chain to extend my celing fan string.  All in all, the raw materials came in at $6.41 including tax and it took about 15 minutes.  It’s not quite as fancy as the Chan Luu ones, but considering that they come in at $200, I can’t complain!

Since I have a few leftover materials – lobster clasps, extra ball chain, etc. from this, I think I may try a few more.

Fashion: Accessories ~ Key Holders

I love small accessories and am always looking for an excuse to get more.  No matter how many I have, I always find use for one or several wallets, pouches, etc. in my bags at any given time. I am paranoid about makeup and highlighters leaking onto the lining of my bags, I like to avoid embarrassing moments like a tampon spillage in public places, and sometimes in a huge bag it is easier if you have everything broken down into a few categories of smaller bags from which you can readily choose and find what you’re searching for.  Larger “small” accessories like the Tory Burch pouch I recently bought are great for larger travel items like hairbrushes, hair products, etc., and I can also load it up with all the post it note pads, highlighters, pens, small stapler, and so forth that I carry around during my exam studying time.

Another added bonus of small accessories is that you can often get miniature versions of a designer style or print you like for a fraction of the cost of the designer’s full-sized purse counterpart.

I have bought plenty of attractive small accessories for various uses, including containers for my boyfriend’s junk mail and pretty Envirosax reusable grocery bags, but one “everyday” item of mine that has not been subjected to any embellishment is my set of keys. Right now my keys are pretty sad looking – my house, work, and car keys along with the car remote, Petsmart PetPerks Card and a couple of gym membership cards.  So not interesting.

Numerous designers carry key holders that either hold the keys themselves or simply act as a small “coin purse”-type attachment to a key holder.  Do you have one in particular that you use?

~ Louis Vuitton Epi Leather 4 Key Holder ~

~ Louis Vuitton Monogram Round 6 Key Holder GM ~

~ Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas 6 Key Holder ~

~ Marc Jacobs Preppy Leather Key Pouch ~

~ Juicy Couture Polka Dot Suede Drop In Key Purse ~

~ Dior Gold Patent Timeless Key Case ~

~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Calfskin Key Pouch ~

~ Juicy Couture Quilted Shimmer Key Pouch ~

~ Kate Spade Head in the Sand Darla Key Pouch ~

~ Dooney & Bourke Portofino Coin Case ~

Fashion Accessories: E-Book Readers

“So, a book! Does anybody read books anymore? Actually, I think books are coming back. You can quote me on the side of a bus if you want: ‘Books are back.’ Isaac Mizrahi.”

~ Isaac Mizrahi, Sex and the City season 5

Not that I ever thought books were “out” – I have always enjoyed reading – but, with all the e-book readers being sold these days I almost feel like “books” are being treated as a new fad that people are latching onto in e-reader format as if they’ve never existed in any other form before. Do you think e-readers will reignite this old pastime, or will people soon be walking around with e-readers full of hundreds of dollars worth of titles akin to the library of unread books so many people possess? I’d like to think that maybe this device can help get many of our faces out of a computer screen and back into literature…

I was at Best Buy this afternoon purchasing an Amazon Kindle for my father for a birthday gift, and I had to resist the urge to get one for myself as well. I never have time for leisurely reading these days with all my homework, so I am trying to hold off. I remember when I first saw the Kindle on Amazon in 2008 – it piqued my interest, but I was sure it was some passing fad that I would later regret, and besides, who could really trust an “Amazon” brand electronics device? Here we are 3+ years later and I never would have guessed that e-book readers would become so popular, with Kindle leading the pack. I am amazed, actually, at the number of readers out there. In addition to the Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX, you have the Barnes & Noble nook and nook color, the Sony Reader Daily Edition, Touch Edition, and Pocket Edition, and the list goes on….

The Kindle remains my favorite and it is the one I plan to get eventually. There are so many different covers to choose from and some designers have gotten on the e-reader cover bandwagon as well. There are several different cases available out there, designer and otherwise, and I am sure many more will be available by the time I a ready to purchase.

~ Diana von Furstenburg Kaylee ~

~ Kate Spade new york Canvas Collection ~

~ Kate Spade new york Leather Collection ~

~ Rebecca Minkoff ‘Book Worm’ ~

~ Rebecca Minkoff Snake-Embossed Leather ~

Weekend bargain shopping ~ my last hurrah.

I had a fun weekend.  My boyfriend’s parents came in town from Iowa to visit and go out for his birthday.  We ate a lot, shopped, and overall had a good time.  I also was able to go out in the neighborhood last night to a friend’s housewarming party and the local nightlife scene.  This was a great weekend, however, exams are coming up at the end of April so it’s that time where I will spend the next month or so devoting every waking moment of free time to reviewing, studying, and outlining.  Cannot wait for May!!!

This weekend bargain shopping included visits to some of the obvious spots – we went to Nordstrom Rack and I also went today to H&M and Forever 21.  These places are on my no-fail list for good deals. They never let me down!

I found a cute short-sleeved striped cardigan at Forever 21, as well as a cute ikat-y printed strapless jumpsuit. I seem to have a thing for blue this season…

I also got a braided leather bracelet and flower hair accessories from H&M, as well as a brocade credit card holder and miniature Prada Tendre perfume from the Rack.  I love the miniature perfumes, because there are so many perfumes I love but a full sized bottle is so expensive.  I do not wear perfume very often, so the sizes they sell at the Rack (this one was $12) are just right.

I am really excited about this one!!  I got this Kate Moss for Longchamp cosmetic bag in light blue calfskin for $45. It retailed for $260 so that’s quite a discount. I really like the braiding on the outside, and the zebra print interior really did me in.

I also got this cute Mulberry knock-off at H&M for $24.  As much as I love the real thing, this bag will do me just fine 🙂

That’s it for me, how was your weekend??

Trend: Stacked Rings

As you could probably guess from my post on Tiffany Paloma Picasso jewelry, I love the look of stacked rings.

~Tiffany Paloma Picasso Sugar Stacks~

They’re really popular right now and available at varying price points.  My personal favorite are those that include different colored gemstones and pearls.  Consistent with the trend to combine gold and silver jewelry and hardware in fashion right now, stacked rings as such are available as well. Some are actually one ring and just have the “stacked” look, some are individual rings sold in sets, while others, like the Tiffany Sugar Stacks, are all sold individually. As much as I like this style I don’t actually own any right now! I think it might be on my shortlist of  items to get this spring….

~Iosselliani Set Of 4 Silver Rings With Bronze Feather And Zircons~

~Iosselliani Stacked Silver Ring With Zircons, Garnet And Imitation Pearl~

~Banana Republic Precious Trio Stacked Rings~

~Janna Conner Florent Aquamarine Stacked Rings~

~Asos Ted Baker Multi Diamante Bead Set of Five Stacked Rings~

~Freedom at Topshop Neon Stacker Ring~

~Atelier Minyon Stackable Square Diamond Rings~

Windy City weekend shopping.


I had a very fun (but very brief) trip to Chicago with my boyfriend this weekend!  We stayed at the Hotel Felix, had dinner at Gibson’s one evening and went to see Dropkick Murphy’s at the Congress Theater.  I love hotdogs so much, so of course I had to get Portillo’s – it was my favorite when I lived in Chicago when I was a kid.  I am already craving it again.  I love their poppy seed hotdog buns and I am making a point to look for some similar ones in town this week.

1. I was trying on aviator’s at Nordstrom Rack and I found these Tory Burch metal Butterfly Aviator Sunglasses for over $100 off the retail price.  When I was at the Tory Burch boutique later on, I saw them for sale at full price – $165.  I love it when that happens!

2. At the Tory Burch boutique I got a green snakeprint wallet on sale (also over $100 off!!). I have a peacock blue patent leather wallet from Coach that I always use, but the style is very bright and summery to me, so I had my eye out for another wallet that ‘fit’ the cool weather a bit better.

3. I got these Envirosax la Boheme resuable grocery bags from Nieman Marcus ~ I hate using the plastic disposable bags, and the $1 resuable bags from the grocery store are bulky.  Consequently, even though I’ve got probably a couple dozen of those, I always throw them in the back of my car and never actually have them when I need them.  I am hoping since these bags are compact and come in a pouch I can just always have them in my purse. We’ll see how that works out!

4. Traveling twice in the last couple of weeks made me realize that I had a lot of standard-size cosmetic cases but nothing that fits my bigger items like toohbrush, shampoo, lotions, etc. – and Ziploc bags just aren’t as fun! I ended up getting a large quilted nylon and leather cosmetic case at Tory Burch.  I can fit a ton of items in the 12″ by 7 3/4″ size.

5. I had to stop by Aritzia while I was in Chicago since we don’t have one back home. I ended up getting this grey and white striped TNA sundress.  I really love it because it’s the typical cotton strappy basic style that I always wear, but the seams on the bust give it a little more structure and variation from my usual surplice and scoop-neck dresses.  I cant wait until it’s warmer and I can wear it!

Well, that was my weekend – now it’s back to the grind.  Have a good week!