Memorial Day Weekend 2011 ~

It’s been a wonderful weekend. There was a lot of eating and organizing of the bedroom (more on that later). The bf’s second job for the entirety of our relationship has been at the bar up the street. This was his last weekend, so he will be around more!  We found lots of time to cook this weekend! In addition to purchasing some of the usual Memorial Day-type staples at the grocery (Doritos, cake, etc.), we also made some reubens and some parmesan/tomato/pesto salmon steaks 🙂

I went to Ikea on Memorial Day to get some more shelves for the bedroom organization. Lucky for me, the bf was watching Bobby Flay on Food Network, and when I got home, he immediately followed suit by taking one of the ideas he saw – grilling some Nathan’s hotdogs and topping them with some homemade salsa, guacamole, and crushed Doritos.  They were delicious! He soaked corn cobs in milk, butter and sugar for awhile and then grilled those. It was like kettlecorn! So that was my weekend. How was yours??

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