Summer Hair Go-To’s

I love that braids are in style right now.  Sometimes it’s great just to do something different, and sometimes it’s necessary because I am going out with my friends, a ponytail just won’t do, and my hair needs to be washed so wearing it down isn’t an option, either.  So, I throw it in some sort of braid (shhh!!! don’t tell….).

With summer coming up, I am looking forward to more hair experimentation.  Plus, I am too lazy to go get my hair cut anytime soon, and a lot of the styles right now necessitate long hair, so why the hell not?  Plus, there’s something about a maxi dress – they feel like they just really go so perfectly with wavy/braided/or otherwise saltwater/wind/chlorine-blasted hot humid messy summer hair.  Orrrrr maybe I have been looking at too many Free People catalogs. I dunno. Even if you don’t know how to do one of the many styles, there are a ton of hair tutorials online – both photo tutorials and video tutorials.

~ Fishtail Braid, i.e. Plait ~

And by the way …. Free People not only has great clothes and catalog styling, but I just discovered last night that they also have a blog that’s really awesome.  It has lots of of DIY projects relating to many of their catalog sets, hair how-to’s, etc.  One of their most popular styles the past year or so has been the fishtail braid. I really love how this look. I also found fishtail-related posts here and here, and a really easy how-to video here.

Source: Polyvore

~ Cascading Braid ~

I just discovered this one – I have not tried it yet but it looks really cool. I found it on the Love, Maegan blog.  She does it on her hair straight, while the photo below shows it wavy.  I love it both ways and I am not sure which I will try first.  The Love, Maegan blog also has lots of other hair tutorials as well – which you can access here.


~ Other Misc. ‘Dos ~

Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere provides a few easy photo hair tutorials in her How-To section, and Tiffany at I am Style-ish provides a few useful video tutorials.  I also like this knotted updo:

Source: This is Glamorous

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