I enjoyed my first trip to Las Vegas, although I couldn’t say that it is my style.  It was definitely sensory overload.  We stayed at the Flamingo in a newly renovated suite.  I did love the mid-century modern style.  We also saw the new Cosmopolitan.  The digital display and feathered-chandeliers in the Bond bar were really cool, as was “The Chandelier”, a multi-story bar ensconced in a giant chandelier of over 2-million crystals. I don’t think the overall look and feel of Las Vegas is something to aspire to in decorating and design in general, but there are certainly cues you can take away and shrink down to one millionth of the scale and excess to use in your own space.  I kind of want a hot pink bathroom after staying at the Flamingo!

The shopping was awesome – our feet hurt after about the fourth hour or so.  We spent Friday night at the Voodoo Lounge, a nightclub at the rooftop of Rio.  I wore a slinky, super form-fitting, brightly colored dress that I would never wear, well, just about anywhere else. Being in a place like Las Vegas you have to play the part, right? It was a good time, but it’s back to reality now…have a great week and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

~A night time shot of our hotel, the Flamingo Las Vegas~

~ Me at a slot machine at the Flamingo ~

~ A photo of a room at the Flamingo similar to ours ~

~ Some of the features of our hotel room ~

~ My friend Sarah and me at the Voodoo Lounge ~

~ Multi-story Louis Vuitton at CityCenter ~

~ Entrance to the Cosmopolitan ~

~ Bond at the Cosmopolitan ~

~ The Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan ~

~ The Chandelier.  So many crystals! ~

~ Me at the Cosmopolitan ~

~ A blackjack table at the Cosmopolitan ~

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