This is my closet. Pardon the blurry photo! I need a decent camera.

Do not get me wrong, the very fact that I have a walk-in-ish closet at all in an 800 square foot, 129-year old duplex apartment is a miracle, but if you couldn’t already tell from the dog bed on the floor, my 16-year old pup Jenny loves it a lot more than I do.  I recently squeezed yet another new shoebox into the giant stack of them you can see on the upper left. The shoe space is officially FULL, as in, packed in like a can of sardines, and any newcomers are going in a stack on the floor.

Since there is so little room in there for my boyfriend’s and my clothes, we even have FOUR dressers in the bedroom (it’s a big room, luckily) and they’re full too.  I don’t even LIKE dressers as a clothing storage solution – drawers are never as practical and user-friendly as shelves or hanging rods, in my opinion. I am now longing for a closet where I can put everything in an organized manner where I can see it and have room to move around. Artfully wedging that last shoe box into that tiny, last remaining bit of empty void in my closet officially gave me closet fever.

I think the thing I love most about extravagant walk-in closets is that they are spaces where people will often take more risks and personalize a bit more.  I feel like it is the space where I would try some crazy loud paint color or animal print rug or gaudy lighting fixture that I loved but that I wasn’t sure about using in any other parts of my home.

Between IKEA and the Container Store and all the other handy places where you can get closet fixtures at a reasonable price, I think a “dream” closet is well within the reach of anyone with the space to spare and some do-it-yourself ambitions. This law student isn’t moving into a bigger place any time soon, so for the mean time I will have to admire others’ closets from afar ~ and perhaps try to think of some clever solutions to my wardrobe chaos?

Christina Aguilera’s Closet

Habitually Chic

Anna Sui

Lonny Mag – Lynn Nigro

Diary of a Closet Editor

Megan at Honey, We’re Home

Jen at MadeByGirl

Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere



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