Hey, everyone! I hope you had a great New Year’s weekend!  All the moving is finally done, a couple friends visited over the weekend, and unpacking is still a work in progress.  We have some furniture and other things to buy, so the place won’t be entirely finished until some time in February.  On the upside, I have taken many long naps and am finally feeling better.  Getting back to work this week was a mixed blessing.  Part of me just wanted to stay home and either sleep or get the apartment worked out, but once I was at work, it was sort of nice to shift my focus away from all that.

The picture above is a view from our balcony!!  I was 80% happy with our decision to move until I sat out on the balcony the first evening, at which point my opinion shifted to 100% happy.  Even in 30 degree, windy weather, it was so nice to sit outside and take in the view of the Ohio River and all the lights for miles. My dog Jenny likes it, too!  I don’t know what the heck she is looking at, but night or day, she will stand out there and stare and sniff for a long time.

Well, that’s it for me! I have plenty of new apartment-related posts to come as things get in order…less instagram randomness and more content! 🙂