hello, autumn

Hello, all!  I hope your autumn (or spring, depending on where you’re at) is off to a nice start.  I’ve got 8 weeks of classes left until I am finished FOREVER, so I am pretty pumped about that.  95% of the work that’s left for this semester must be completed this month, which also means I am in for a long and boring October.  The upside is that November won’t be too bad at all and I can enjoy Thanksgiving.  I LOVE the holidays.  I will be studying for the bar exam in the midst of them, but that’s okay.

To cap off the summer, a few weeks ago we went on a canoeing trip with friends.  My puppy Ella quite enjoyed herself.  She loved fetching the frisbee in the river.  She’s a pretty good swimmer on her own, but I am overprotective so I got her this Ruffwear life jacket.  I plan to go on many more canoeing trips in the summers to come. 🙂

The unfortunate consequence of that trip was that I lost my sunglasses in the river 😦  They were the Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviators.  I loved them, but they didn’t stay on my face anyway, hence their watery demise, so I figured now is as good a time as any to find a pair of aviators that fit my face better.  I ended up going with the Persol Square Top Bar Aviator PO2407S in matte gunmetal.

I saw a lot of good reviews of them online. I love them!! They’re much heavier/less flimsy than the Ray-Bans, and they stay on my face.  I love the tortoise shell and metal detailing on the sides, too, even though you can’t really tell from this photo. Hopefully I don’t lose or break these too soon 🙂  If I do, I swear it’s $5 plastic shades from the gas station from here on out.

I’ve also had my eye on the Michael Kors Runway watch in gold forever.  I love that watch and see it everywhere, and I finally decided to get it, but I went with the less common gold/horn color instead.  The writing on the face was softer and more feminine, and I liked the horn colored enamel mixed with the gold.

Of course, it’s huge right now so I need to get some links taken out, but I can’t wait to wear it!   I think those are enough accessories for me this year.  I ended up getting the watch because I wanted to get a new work bag, but as usual, I am being very indecisive about that.  I figured I’d hold onto the ones I use frequently for a little longer and wait until the spring, and get the watch instead.

Enjoy your week! I’m off to start my marathon month of homework….

the weekend ~

It’s finally feeling like fall around here!  I got this great cotton blazer at H&M – I love the elbow patches and the fabric is slightly stretchy and super comfortable.  I am loving my new MICHAEL Michael Kors bag, too!  I really have my eye on this MK satchel…it’s $100 more and shape-wise is basically a smaller version of my LV speedy 35 – so, while I do like it and it’s still on the wish list, I stuck with a less expensive MK that is more practical for school.


almost autumn…

It’s about one more week until autumn, and I am really hoping that the weather cools down. My A/C could use a break!  Lately I’ve been shopping for fall clothes (both for work and otherwise), and I’ve found that I am really drawn to loose pleated pants with a matching tie belt, just like in the summer when I liked the same style in shorts-form.  I like these pants because they’re cropped and lightweight.  They seem appropriate for the sometimes warm, sometimes cool weather of September. The same goes for the suede platform sandals. I am also drawn to sequins, and have already bought a sequin cashmere blend tank top that was on sale at J. Crew.  I like this sweater above.  It’s definitely an outfit I envision wearing on a cool evening in early fall, perhaps for dinner or a play.  I really love Reed Krakoff bags, particularly this tote bag that is available in a number of different material and color combinations.  Reed Krakoff if a fairly new brand by Coach – the design has a modern look that’s quite different from Coach bags, and the bags come in at well over $1,000.

I am liking the glitter trend in nail polish right now, but with my job, it’s just not practical to wear that to work, nor is it practical for me to put it on on a friday evening, for example, and then remove it at the close of the weekend. For that reason I will be sticking with plain, old-fashioned solid colors.

Leaving Las Vegas….

I am returning from a trip to Vegas this morning…65 and sunny to 33 and raining!!!  Even though it has been a long, cold winter I am not quite ready to give up the cool weather clothes.

I got the cream blazer with navy grosgrain trim from Anne Taylor LOFT.  I loved it the second I saw it and ordered it immediately because I had a feeling it would sell fast, and it did! It’s really cute with casual clothes but I can also really dress it up for work. I am not very big on designer logos, but I do love the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 35. The brown canvas with tan logos and red edging on the handles looks classy with everything.

My boyfriend is from Iowa, and he got me the Victoria’s Secret Pink University of Iowa V-neck Tee ~ I have been to Iowa once! I wouldn’t have ever guessed it, BUT believe it or not I love this shirt.  It fits so well and is so soft, and the dark heather and white lettering is really cute.  I have (probably way too) many plain, solid shirts, so I get excited when I find one that I like that isn’t.  Yep, my boyfriend is dressing me now.

Have a great weekend!


Leg warmers are so practical if you want versatility in your wardrobe, that I do not know why they have not been more popular.  Dancers use these during practice, particularly during warm-ups, to – you guessed it – keep their legs warm.  Tights can only do so much.  Leg warmers can come in knee-high length or thigh-high, and can be worn pulled up cleanly or scrunched down.  They can be worn to the ankle, or sometimes pulled down past the heel to keep the feet warmer as well.

In fashion, they styles are equally as varied.  I love leg warmers because like tights, they allow you to get a bit more use out of your warm weather clothing in the fall and winter months, and also, they can serve as a good accessory to add texture and variation to an outfit.  I love wearing leg warmers underneath boots, with the tops of the warmers extending beyond the boots.  Not only is this a conveniently warm extra layer, but it adds texture and color as well.  I also love that it’s in style to wear them over pumps. From a distance they might look like knee- or thigh hight boots, and you can get more mileage out of your less cold weather-friendly shoes that way.

Alexander Wang.  Photos: www.style.com

Michael Kors. Photos: www.style.com

Qi Willow Cashmere Leg Warmers

By Malene Birger Leg Warmers

Juicy Couture Sequin Leg Warmers

ASOS Cable Soft Handle Mix Leg Warmers

Rag & Bone Shoreditch Leg Warmers


I started out this day with an adult intermediate ballet class at the local ballet company with my friend Kim ~ she talked me into it! It was rough! I have not had a ballet class for 7 years, and have not had a really “serious” one for 11.  This one was not particularly tough but I certainly struggled.  I will be heading back next week!

We have had so much snow and super cold temperatures this fall and winter that it is hard for me to believe it isn’t even February yet.  We have like 8 more weeks of winter. Are you kidding me?! Oh well – soon enough I guess. Time for homework. Have a good weekend!!