Christmas decor, pt. 1 ~ “NOEL” banner

Hello everyone! I hope your holiday season has been carrying on merrily.  We have these target stocking hooks that we put on our shelf/mantle every year, but unfortunately, they don’t really seem to hold any weight.  They work fine for empty stockings, but if you try to put anything in the stockings, they flip right off the shelf.  No good.  Anyway, I came up with another spot to hang the stockings, but I figured the hooks would work perfectly for hanging a banner on the shelf.

I enjoyed making my Thanksgiving banner, and with all the crafty materials I had laying around, including a lot of leftover twine from the last banner, I figured I’d try my hand at a christmas banner.  I might try something more involved in the coming Christmases, but for this year I thought I’d start with something short and simple – “NOEL”.  We also got a printer recently, so instead of stenciling letters, I took a much easier route…I made the banner on Adobe Illustrator and printed them on card stock.

(Sidenote:  Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator can be prohibitively expensive, at several hundred dollars a piece, but once you learn how to use them they are seemingly invaluable.  Luckily now you can get these programs and a bunch of others for a monthly subscription rate rather than paying the full amour for creative suite which is like, a couple thousand bucks….totally worth it in my opinion!).


I didn’t want the outline to show through so I did a mirror image of the text.  I chose Gill Sans Ultra Bold as my font – I was trying to keep it simple with some thick, block letter text.


My cutting mat is nowhere to be found so I used a stack of newspaper.  I cut out the letters with an X-acto knife.  Scissors would work, too, but the X-acto knife is MUCH easier.  BAM – there you have it…NOEL! 🙂


Then, yes, I cannot seem to get away from glitter – I decided to try my hand at glitter once again.  I sprayed each letter with spray adhesive, let the adhesive get tacky for exactly 2 minutes, and then i covered the letter with glitter.  I tapped the bottom of the tray all over the place until the letter was evenly coated with glitter.  DO NOT touch it! It will totally make it smudged and horrible looking.  I learned this the hard way.


After they dried, I flipped the letters over on some newspaper and lined them evenly with the twine.


Then, I took a glue gun and put glue around the entirely of the twine to hold it on…


IMG_3417There you have it!! I think the letters could use some dimension, and maybe next year I will do a different word/words, different font, or add some extra layers or other trim, but for now, this is a good first try! 🙂


happy friday + halloween + possessed spray cans ~

Hey everyone! I hope you had a good week! I can hardly believe it, but it’s almost halfway through fall already – yeah, about another week or so. Then before you know it it’ll be winter and Christmas! ahhhh. Time flies, doesn’t it? Usually Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but I just don’t know if I will have the time this year – I have a paper to finish this weekend, and while I have an idea for a costume, who knows if I will have time to pull it together. What is your favorite halloween costume? My favorite is still Thing 1 & 2 I did with my friend Cate in 2006. We spent about oh, four or five hours one evening driving around to every store imaginable looking for red clothing. FYI, 2006 WAS NOT the year for red clothing. We couldn’t find a stitch of it, let alone things that we could use for the costume! Then we hit the motherlode at Value City of all places – red boys’ sweatpants, red turtlenecks, red mittens, red socks. Whoop! We were in business. Between that, some white face paint and some “go go dancer” blue wigs that got 90’s-era Tina Turner haircuts and hairspray, we had the best costume ever.

Have you done any Halloween decorating this year? I don’t really get into Halloween decorating as much as I do Christmas, but this year the bf and I got some spiced rum and cider, mixed some drinks, and spent an evening carving some pumpkins. Correction: HE carved and I, true to my word, bought some Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint and put it to the test. I read the reviews, and a few people complained that the nozzle locked up on them and either exploded, or just wouldn’t shut off. I had the same problem…luckily I was outside and the pumpkin was pretty much finished at that point. I left the can outside on the dropcloth, locked up and glitterblasting for about ten minutes until it finally ran out of steam. Then, after a few more minutes, it mysteriously started up again without anybody touching it. Luckily it ran out a second time before I had to call a priest. SO if you try this for any project? Consider yourself warned!! Have a great weekend and a fun Halloween!