almost autumn…

It’s about one more week until autumn, and I am really hoping that the weather cools down. My A/C could use a break!  Lately I’ve been shopping for fall clothes (both for work and otherwise), and I’ve found that I am really drawn to loose pleated pants with a matching tie belt, just like in the summer when I liked the same style in shorts-form.  I like these pants because they’re cropped and lightweight.  They seem appropriate for the sometimes warm, sometimes cool weather of September. The same goes for the suede platform sandals. I am also drawn to sequins, and have already bought a sequin cashmere blend tank top that was on sale at J. Crew.  I like this sweater above.  It’s definitely an outfit I envision wearing on a cool evening in early fall, perhaps for dinner or a play.  I really love Reed Krakoff bags, particularly this tote bag that is available in a number of different material and color combinations.  Reed Krakoff if a fairly new brand by Coach – the design has a modern look that’s quite different from Coach bags, and the bags come in at well over $1,000.

I am liking the glitter trend in nail polish right now, but with my job, it’s just not practical to wear that to work, nor is it practical for me to put it on on a friday evening, for example, and then remove it at the close of the weekend. For that reason I will be sticking with plain, old-fashioned solid colors.

Chuck love.

I have loved Converse Chuck Taylor’s since the first grade.  It was 1988, and my aunt was a buyer at a major grocery store chain. For some reason some vendor gave her a huge box of Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops.  I was six years old and had no idea what they were, but there was a nice half-salmon, half-mint green colored pair in my size.  The next day I wore them to school with my blue plaid Catholic school jumper.  As I sat at my little desk, the boy next to me looks down at my feet, eyes wide, and says “you have AWESOME shoes!”  This got the attention of the other boys around me, and they also found my Converse’s “AWESOME”.  Haha.

Jump to the 6th grade, 1993 – the Chicago suburbs.  My mom was unwilling to shell out the money to dress my growing feet in “real” Converse, but the Chuck Taylor style was huge back then and you could get knock-offs for about $6 a pair at Payless and other discount stores.  I had a pair in every color – blue, black, red – even a white/yellow/lime green plaid pair.

In high school in the late 90’s, I recall telling my friends that the style was one of my favorites and I wish they would come back in style.  At the time, they were definitely SO 1993 and therefore SO not cool!  Lucky for me, fashion is cyclical.



Classic White Low-Tops

Slip-on Black


Milk-White Printed

A Cardigan-Only Weekend

I walked out of work yesterday evening carrying my coat.  CARRYING.  It is funny how a simple change in seasons can get a person excited about little things she wouldn’t otherwise think about at all.  It was finally warm enough to go outside and be comfortable in a cardigan and flats rather than my usual winter getup. Even the music on the radio sounds a little better during that time in late winter/early spring, when you can turn off the heater and open the car windows for the first time in months.  I know, talking about the weather is pretty lame and overdone, but I am excited about it! I think just about everyone is right now after the cold, dreary winter we’ve had. I know a lot of people enjoy warm climates, but I wouldn’t trade in having four perfectly distinct seasons for the world…I love the change in seasons and the new smells and feelings that go with them.

I plan to cram as much homework as I can get into this weekend because I suspect we may have some nice weekends coming up, including my spring break week.  I am really torn about how to use my upcoming downtime usefully.  I have a small, fenced-in backyard thats about 20′ by 20′ that’s covered in leaves and in need of a major spring cleanup – but I also have a very cramped, cluttered bedroom and closet space that needs some cleaning out.  I cannot decide which project to plan for!  Do you see what full time work and night school does to a person?  I fantasize about having the time to rake leaves and throw old clothes into a “take to Goodwill” pile…sigh…

As for this weekend, I will enjoy a few dog walks WITHOUT the heavy winter coat and boots, and I might even go crazy and open a window while I read?  Hmm….. Hopefully you have something fun planned – have a great weekend!

Leaving Las Vegas….

I am returning from a trip to Vegas this morning…65 and sunny to 33 and raining!!!  Even though it has been a long, cold winter I am not quite ready to give up the cool weather clothes.

I got the cream blazer with navy grosgrain trim from Anne Taylor LOFT.  I loved it the second I saw it and ordered it immediately because I had a feeling it would sell fast, and it did! It’s really cute with casual clothes but I can also really dress it up for work. I am not very big on designer logos, but I do love the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 35. The brown canvas with tan logos and red edging on the handles looks classy with everything.

My boyfriend is from Iowa, and he got me the Victoria’s Secret Pink University of Iowa V-neck Tee ~ I have been to Iowa once! I wouldn’t have ever guessed it, BUT believe it or not I love this shirt.  It fits so well and is so soft, and the dark heather and white lettering is really cute.  I have (probably way too) many plain, solid shirts, so I get excited when I find one that I like that isn’t.  Yep, my boyfriend is dressing me now.

Have a great weekend!


Don’t you LOVE freezing rain?!  Ugh.  This weather is crazy! I am off to struggle through another ballet class.  Wish me luck and have a good weekend!!


I started out this day with an adult intermediate ballet class at the local ballet company with my friend Kim ~ she talked me into it! It was rough! I have not had a ballet class for 7 years, and have not had a really “serious” one for 11.  This one was not particularly tough but I certainly struggled.  I will be heading back next week!

We have had so much snow and super cold temperatures this fall and winter that it is hard for me to believe it isn’t even February yet.  We have like 8 more weeks of winter. Are you kidding me?! Oh well – soon enough I guess. Time for homework. Have a good weekend!!

Not So Lazy Saturday

It’s Saturday, so I am in my usual routine of gym, coffee, breakfast, laundry and homework. Fun, huh?  At some point this weekend I am going to go see my friend Leah’s new baby too! So excited!!! But anyway, with everything on my list I shall leave you with this – one of my many Shopstyle ensembles I put together.  I am sad the Aldo purse sold out before I could get it.  I am pretty sure if I win the lottery I will buy every color of those Tiffany sugar stacks rings – they look great with just about every outfit.   I included my favorite perfume – Dior Addict 2 – I am pretty sure I am the only person who actually likes or even knows about that one 🙂  And of course, Christina Hendricks?  So beautiful.  I love Mad men – the story line is great and all but it’s the retro imagery that I love the most.  Have a good weekend!!!

New Year’s Eve 2010-2011 Decisions

So if it is 2010 and its going to be 2011, does that mean it’s New Year’s Eve 2010? Or New Year’s Eve 2011? Hmm. Anyway, my friends and I will be going to a familiar local nightspot to ring in the new year.  I have my dress nailed now, but I have some shoe and nail polish conflicts to resolve…



I am debating between those three nail polish colors – all OPI – Yodel Me On My Cell (blue), Screen Test (magenta), and Go With the Flow-er (pink).  I am leaning toward the pink polish.  I need something to brighten up the pewter and black color scheme, and what better place to wear glittery, hot pink Malibu Barbie colored nails, than at a New Year’s Eve party?

I also cannot decide between the Jessica Simpson Dereck peep toe pewter platforms and the Oh Deer! black sequin pumps. I am thinking the pewter shoes may go better with the pewter dress if I am looking for a more conservative look, but that isn’t really what I am going for. I want to get a chunky necklace, possibly like the black one shown.  We’ll see. It’ll be a “game time” decision 🙂  I am going to carry a black quilted clutch that I have.  Short strapless cocktail dresses are so simple, I don’t think the mix of textures will be overkill.

We JUST got an Ulta in our city.  When I was in junior high oh, about 15 years ago (where does the time go?) living in Chicago, I enjoyed going there.  I am really happy to see one nearby.  I am going to invest in a new 1.5″ Hot Tools curling iron and try to add some curls to my NYE ensemble. I have thick, wavy hair, and have sworn by a flat iron or air drying for years – 2011 is a good time to master another hair styling technique or few.