oh, hey there, fun times….


Where have I been??? Lots of places – mostly work. LOTS of work. Lots of snow, lots of wedding plans, and so on.  My husband and I got married in April. I am sure when I have the energy I will post 100 pics going on and on about everything we did in Napa 🙂

Above you will find the cutest creature on the planet, enjoying a moment out on the balcony with the greenery in the background…yeah I am super excited for the leaves to be back on the trees. Oh, how I have missed it!

Back to the wedding – my husband and I eloped (the knot.com psycho bitches would chime in right about her to school me on the fact that elope, in fact, is defined as running off IN SECRET to marry your spouse against a family’s wishes….) in Napa, California on April 17, 2014, and stayed there a few more days for our honeymoon.  If we did a full wedding our plan was going to be to get married on November 1, 2014, which would’ve been great because it’s a Saturday and it’s our fifth anniversary, but we opted for the eloping route and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of Cincinnati after such a long winter.

I’ve noticed that life really is a bitch in the winter.  I mean, i LOVE the snow, I really do, and couldn’t live without it, but man!  Spring time is party after party – Cinci de Mayo, the Flying Pig marathon in Cinci, Party in the Park, Derby Day, great weather for finally getting outside….then summer comes.  You lay poolside day after day, go to more nonstop events, not to mention camping, canoeing, catching up on books that you can’t find time to read anywhere but near the pool…then comes fall…wearing scarves and blazers seems so novel and fun….Halloween…Thanksgiving…Christmas….New Year’s Eve….parties!! decorating!! eating delicious food and drinking delicious drinks!! Happy fun time abound!! WOOOOOO!!!!! Happiness everywhere!!!

Then, it happens. Literally, you wake up on January 1 with the worst hangover of your life, crying and clutching the toilet and screaming at your significant other, “WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!?!” and that marks the beginning of four solid months of sitting on the couch, sleeping 12 hours a night, becoming deficient on Vitamin D, barely seeing a soul, and just generally feeling like reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO Go are the best thing you’ve got in your life.  (That all isn’t what happened to me, I am just using it as a for instance……).  This is called January 1st through April 30th, and it’s brutal. Even the happiest person feels like a trapped, anxious little creature by the end of April – at least in these parts…I have no idea what the assholes in Florida and Hawaii are doing during this time….

So yeah, that’s all over and I am pretty pumped about it! HAPPY MAY! HAPPY SPRING! HAPPY SUMMER! buy a bathing suit and a fresh bottle of sunscreen!  load up on moisture-wicking fabrics from Lululemon, and book every weekend for fun times!

1 thought on “oh, hey there, fun times….

  1. omgosh heart! congrats on getting married 🙂 i wish you many many years of wedded bliss! oh man i miss napa! spent many a weekends there when we lived in sf. actually the hubs and i “eloped” too sorta.. we had family present but just immediate family and close friends and we did it JOP style! lol. best decision of my life! didn’t really care to start our lives off in debt like so many other ppl we knew (some of which are now divorced to boot yikes!).

    thank you so much for your super sweet comment. i really did/do struggle with not working. truthfully my husband would prefer that i didn’t because well just being in the military means we’re constantly moving and things are changing but since he works full time and has school ect he really is dependent on me to take care of the day to day things – finances, housework, cooking ect and truthfully if i was working i wouldn’t be doing something a noble as him someone who actually helps patients/serving his country.. or something like you that is a law advocate for social service agencies.. lol when i was working i was a merchandising with tiffany & co. so i don’t feel like the world is missing out when i’m not working lols. but i do feel guilty sometimes that i don’t work and my parents don’t help either.. they constantly remind me that i should be working. ugh bleh!! so thank you for your super sweet comment. it really made my day 🙂


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