Independence Day Weekend ~

I had a good weekend with friends – July 4th falling on a Thursday means that Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday quickly turn into a four day-long Independence Day marathon. As I sit here on Sunday night at almost midnight, I can’t help but think about where I was this time last year.  I was laying in bed with my dog Jenny, knowing that it was my last night with her.  I stayed home that week while my boyfriend was out of town because Jenny did not have a lot of time, and I sat out on my balcony on the fourth, watching what felt like 100 different fireworks shows going on north, east and west.  As I sat there alone with my dog, watching the fireworks, it was peaceful but sad. I knew I was spending it alone just because of the fact that I’d be losing her soon.


This year we dropped our outdoor concert plans because of the rain, and friends came over to our house instead.  We all sat out on the balcony together and watched the very same spectacular array of fireworks once again.  My squirmy, lively dog Ella, my boyfriend, and our friends were all sitting on the balcony and had a wonderful time. I miss Jenny so much, and I think about her every day.  Luckily, life has been the best it has been in many years at this point, so it made me a little emotional to think about how I went through some tough things in the past couple of years and how much better everything is now…

Thursday we’re going to New Orleans with some friends and I cannot wait! I have not been there since 2005…it’s crazy to me that 2005 was eight years ago. Time flies!






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