new beginnings.

Hello, all! I hope your summer is going well.  As has been the theme this 2012, I have been distracted by many things and neglecting my blog.  I can’t wait until I can really get back to it.  About a week and a half ago we got a new puppy.  That’s her in the pics.  She’s maybe a year old, or close to it – and about 22 lbs and fully grown.  We named her Ella.  My plan was to wait until after the bar exam to get a new dog, but of course I couldn’t resist.  She’s been so wonderful!  She is a an Australian Cattle Dog mix that we got from All American Dawgs rescue in Newburgh, Indiana.  Someone in Jessup County, KY left her for dead behind a chinese restaurant in late February – she was partially hairless because of mange and very sick.  The animal shelter in that county contacted the rescue because they thought she was a senior dog, so between that and how sick she was, they’d have to put her down.  They could tell she was a cattle dog mix and that All American Dawgs specialized in cattle dogs, so Sharon, the lady in charge, came and got her. Once she took her to the vet they found she was not a senior dog but in fact still had her puppy teeth.

She’s been the sweetest dog and is so very smart.  It’s so hard to believe that someone would treat this dog the way she was treated.   It also makes you wonder what happens to so many great dogs out there.  The shelter found her “unadoptable” and were going to put her down, but she is the best dog.  She is fun, smart, well behaved, and so loving.  We are looking forward to many happy years with this puppy!  She is spoiled already.

I also turned 30 a couple weeks ago.  I don’t like getting older, but the age thing also doesn’t bother me.  Turning 30 had me thinking a lot about my 20s.  I remember my 20th birthday vividly, and all at once it’s amazing how fast it went by, but also seems like such a long time ago.  So much happened in those ten years.  I really enjoyed my 20s.  They were definitely a roller coaster of emotions. I faced a lot of new challenges and had a lot of great new experiences.  I also would not do it over again if I had the chance…I am looking forward to my 30’s!!!  Lots of exciting new experiences to be had.  I just need to get this schooling finished and pass the bar so I can feel like I can move on!

Speaking of new beginnings, 8.5 months after we move in, we’re FINALLY getting around to painting our living room/dining room.  I will be doing that this weekend and will post pics soon!

I also went on an accidental shopping hiatus this year.  We bought a lot of things for the new apartment in January and February, but then life took over.  I know I am busy when I don’t have the time or energy to think about my wardrobe!!!  I did not think that was possible.  I don’t think I’ve gone this long without clothes shopping since before my first job at 15.  What I have found is that I have a whole lot of super worn out clothes and shoes.  As much as I see shopping as a vice, now that everything I own is tattered and worn and looks crappy, both work clothes and otherwise, I am realizing that adding and deleting a little to the rotation each month is what keeps things looking good and keeps the wardrobe supply at a financially manageable level.  Now I feel like I need new EVERYTHING and that’s overwhelming!  Oh, what I would give to have an open-ended budget and a stylist 🙂

Well that’s what’s up with me at the moment.  Have a great weekend, and wish me luck on my painting project !

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