happy friday !

Happy Friday, everyone! Do you have anything fun planned for this Memorial Day 3-day weekend?  Even since law school started, Memorial Day weekend has been one of my favorite times of the year.  In 2009, I had friends over to celebrate my finishing my first year of law school.

Memorial day 2010 was the first Memorial day weekend I had with my boyfriend.  It was so incredibly hot that weekend. We went to the zoo and had such a great time!!  In 2011, we had nothing planned on Memorial day, but I got up and went shopping.  While I was out, the boyfriend was watching Bobby Flay on TV network and texted me a list of things to buy.  We had a nice dinner and it was again a wonderful day!

I think I enjoy Memorial day so much because it is the end of the long school year and the start of summer.  The pools open, it warms up outside, and I get a 3-day weekend.  That probably doesn’t mean much to some people, but since I use almost all of my real vacation days for school, and spend other off days that occur during the school year (such as Labor day and thanksgiving weekend) also stressing over school work, Memorial Day weekends is one of the few times I can truly relax and slow down without all of that hanging over my head.

The picture above is of the Moerlein Lager House that opened recently in downtown Cincinnati.  Moerlein was one of many German brewers in Cincinnati and it still around.  They have a lot of history here and their new restaurant by the riverfront is just gorgeous! Smale Riverfront Park opened down by the Ohio RIver last weekend, so we went down there to check out the park, the lager house, and the Asian Food Festival.

This weekend I’ll be enjoying the Cincinnati Zoo with friends (yay zoo babies!!) and spending a lot of time by the pool…and who knows what else.  Well have a great weekend 🙂

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