the bedroom is (sort of) finished!!

After lots of planning (here), I think the bedroom is finished for the most part.  We still have a couple things to do, but overall I am pretty happy with it. I may get a second West Elm rug for the other side of the bed…we need something over the television…we need hardware for all the furniture, and we maybe need something else for the window…maybe?  What do you think?  I would put curtains on the windows, but the radiator is right below it.  I REALLY hate short curtains.  We added those faux wood blinds from Lowe’s (great quality for the price, BTW), but that alone seems unfinished.  I also think that valances look pretty cheesy, although I imagine valances come in many shapes and styles where maybe I’m just not thinking about it enough.  If anybody has any ideas, please, let me know!!  I am at a loss. We also need some accessories – more photos, etc., but we can figure that out eventually!

Source List:

  • Bed, dresser and nightstands: Ikea Malm
  • Cabinets: Ikea Besta
  • Cabinet Doors: Ikea Vara
  • Mirrow: Ikea Mongstad
  • Bedding: duvet – West Elm Pintuck; coverlet – Target Home; pillows – Target Patio collection
  • Rugs: larger one is West Elm Kite Kilim rug and others are from Ikea
  • Blinds: Lowe’s Basic Blindz Faux Wood 2″ Plantation Blinds



3 thoughts on “the bedroom is (sort of) finished!!

  1. Hello there dear, it’s been a while, hope you are doing alright with the house decorating and all. Hope to see you back to blogging soon to!!!=D

    On another note, in celebration for my blog’s 3 years anniversary, I would like to invite you to enter my very ever first gift giveaway. You will get a chance to win 3 amazing chic gifts so feel free to drop by for further details:D

    Have a fab weekend!


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