Hermés orange ~

Lately I’ve been drawn to the color orange…I find the contrasting black-bordered orange Hermés boxes irresistible!  I wasn’t always a big fan of orange.  In fact, I can remember for a very long time that it was one of my most hated colors, along with navy.  Now they’re both at the top of my list.  Go figure! That’s fashion/interiors/style/design for you – everything is cyclical. Everywhere I look I am drawn to orange – in interiors I really love it as an accent color, complemented by high contrasting black and white or navy.  Unfortunately, I look terrible in orange and yellow – they are just NOT my colors…that’s ok.  I am thinking of ways I can incorporate orange into the mix in my closet, a project I haven’t made much progress on so far!  I’ve been collecting a lot of images on a Pinterest board

3 thoughts on “Hermés orange ~

  1. I look hideous in orange too! its quite hard of an color to pull of but i heard tangerine tango is the color of the year…and yes who can resist the Hermes orange boxes!!!! It’s truly amazing how orange can look nice from fashion to interior!

    Look these collection of orange themed photos, Pinterest is a good place for inspirations and collecting images!!!!! i have yet to sign up with them.


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