happy friday!!!! it’s break time….

Hello everyone!! My exams and paper are finally OVER and I can enjoy the holiday season a little.  This time next year I will have finished my last class and will be gearing up to take the bar exam.  The past 3 and a half years have flown by, but when I look back, 2008 seems like so long ago. Now I am on “break” which for a part-time law student means working 40 hours a week plus a few more to catch up on things that I feel behind on, and packing to move…SOUNDS HEAVENLY – is that bad??

Thanksgiving weekend the bf did a dry run on turkey, stuffing and the works – not ON thanksgiving – but on the Sunday after.  He hadn’t tried to make one before and wanted to try in a low-pressure situation the first time.  It turned out delicious! The place we’re moving to has a dining area (rather than room in the kitchen for a table) so I am hoping we can have Thanksgiving at our house next year.

It’s amazing how much stress can wear a person down.  I got about the usual amount of sleep the past couple weeks, but as usual after exams, I just crash and cannot wake up in the mornings.  This is the eighth semester I’ve finished – every single last time, the first weekend day after exams that came up, I slept until about 4 in the afternoon.  I have a feeling that’s going to happen again tomorrow, even though I have so much to do. I am always dumbfounded about how physically worn out I am even though all I was doing for a couple weeks was a lot of sitting around. Take it from me – take care of yourself – don’t feel bad indulging in some good sleep and relaxation once in awhile.  Everyone needs it! The new building we’re moving to has a salon/spa in the lobby – you better believe I am taking advantage of that ASAP after we’re unpacked.

So far my post-homework indulges have been limited – reading mindless fashion magazines, spending time with Enzo the sun conure, and watching some HGTV.  You know you’ve been under a lot of stress when, after it’s all said and done, you find yourself sitting on the couch, ten at night, crying tears of joy over the fairly decent home makeover done by the “Property Brothers”. haha! Yeah that really happened……

That’s all I got – it’s packing time.

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