happy friday ~

Happy Friday, everyone!  And happy 11-11-11, if you’re into that sort of thing.  I have not been around much….it’s been a busy couple of weeks!  Between pro bono hours I am doing for school, work, homework, etc., I read Mindy Kaling’s new book.  I LOVED it!!  I spent a particularly long time in the waiting room for a doctor’s appointment last week, and I am pretty sure it was the only thing that kept me sane.

I am loving the cooler weather lately, except for the days it’s windy and rainy.  Fall wind+rain is the WORST.  The best?  Fog.  The first picture is my backyard a couple Saturdays ago.  We live close to the Ohio RIver, so on occasion it will get super foggy in the mornings.  I find it really peaceful and beautiful.

Halloween was fun! I made a last minute decision to dress as the black swan.  45 feet of black mesh and 2 hours later, I had a makeshift tutu to wear with my costume.  I got the idea for the no-sew tutu here.  That, plus some feathers from Michael’s, some makeup from the local costume shop, and my old pointe shoes and leotard, I was good to go.  I had everything but the schizophrenic delusions.

Keeping with the ballet theme, I also took my boyfriend to his first ballet, Giselle performed at Music Hall by the Cincinnati Ballet.  My hair was feeling gross and not fitting for a nice night out, so I was super pumped when a french-twist-y thing along the crown, plus a low side bun, turned out pretty good.  My earrings are Banana Republic earrings I got last winter.

Following my usual routine, I went to Starbucks before class last week and was super excited to see the start of the holiday cups!  I know this is not particularly thrilling to most, but it marks the beginning of a happy season for me.  I have always enjoyed the holidays, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the few days that I can relax and avoid things like homework and house chores guilt-free.  A lot of people seem annoyed by the fact that the season deemed “the holidays”/”Christmas season”/etc. seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  When I was little, I could not have imagined Christmas decorations being put out before Thanksgiving, let alone Halloween.  I am NOT one of those complainers.  The earlier, the better!  The other day I was feeling very grouchy because I had an abundance of laundry to take up to the laundromat.  They were playing a local radio station that had an “all holiday music” Sunday.  It really got me in a great mood! Next up?  Time to order the Nieman Marcus “Christmas Book”.  As a kid, the Sears Holiday Catalog was an integral part of every holiday season, so the whole holiday catalog thing really brings back some good memories.  Enjoy your weekend!

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