Dior to the rescue….

You would think that when a cosmetic company attaches adjectives like “travel” or “portable” to a makeup palette, they would design it in such a way that actually makes it practical for someone who is traveling or even just out for a long day, eliminating the need for that person to carry a bunch of other makeup just to get the minimum effect they are looking for.

I have been looking for over a year now for a makeup palette that actually serves the purpose is seems to be meant for…. a compact and portable set of makeup that you can throw in your bag and use on the go. When I work all day and have three-plus hours of class in the evenings, long days means I avoid makeup in the morning unless I will actually be somewhere where I will need to be semi-presentable. I get tired of throwing all of my makeup into my purse every morning, and really don’t like carrying it around all the time when most days I end up not needing it anyway. It would help to have a comparable yet more compact substitute of the things I typically need, that I can keep in my purse at all times – something I can ignore and not ever think about until I actually need it.

Long story short – I have been looking for a set that is in a compact that includes all the things I tend to use when I do want to put on makeup – eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, mascara, and lip gloss. I was not anticipating how difficult it would be to find something like this. The only other thing I tried was a “make your own”-type thing with Mary Kay, and by the time I put everything into it that I wanted, it was like $200!! No thanks. A lot of others were compact and nicely packaged, but had nothing of use to me. Who needs to cart around 15 different shades of eye shadow or a dozen shades of lip gloss that all look BASICALLY the same when they’re on? The only one I really found last year that had the bare minimum of everything I was looking for was the Dior Deluxe 2010 Holiday Palette:

Dior Deluxe 2010 Gift Palette

I didn’t realize how much of a demand there was for these, so it sold out long before I got around to actually buying it. Dior has also had a few more in recent years that have the same good combination of everything:

I checked out the travel/gift/palette category of many of the department stores’ cosmetic sections, as well as Sephora and Ulta, and I found a few options that sort of fit the bill:


Too Faced


Bobbi Brown

The Benefit palette seems to have everything I would need, but I didn’t really like the case it came in. Maybe I am wrong, but it doesn’t seem like it would hold up too well being carried around in my bag everyday. I am not even sure if it would stay closed sufficiently. The Too-Faced, Bobbi Brown and Nars palettes seem to have an okay selection, but again, they all lack something, like eyeliner, mascara, etc. that make them completely useless to me. Why pay $40, $60, $80 dollars for a “travel” set of makeup if it doesn’t truly have everything you would need?

I ended up with the Dior Deluxe Holiday Palette 2011:

Dior Deluxe Holiday Palette 2011

The colors are all pretty neutral and the case is nice, too. I enjoy some of the big gift palettes with a lot of different shades, but those are always more fun to try at home and to KEEP at home. NOT practical for carrying around. I am a night student, not a makeup artist. Hopefully this will work out!

I really liked the 2010 palette with its imitation of the Dior Cannage quilt pattern that I love…but this tweed pattern is pretty nonetheless. Most of the descriptions on the websites do not specify what the shades are, but I found this on the Nordstrom site:

  • DiorSkin Nude Sculpting Compact
  • Eyeshadows in #34, #714 and #944
  • Eyeliner #994
  • Creme de Rose lip balm
  • Lipgloss #247
  • Lipstick #674
  • Mini Mascara Diorshow Iconic #90

3 thoughts on “Dior to the rescue….

  1. Wow, love all these palettes!!! I love the Dior palette you got! I know what you mean, there’s so many palettes out there with more colors than we need and that are similar in colors too!! lol

    Think i need to buy one of these too=D I actually carry my make up bag with me everyday and i dont even use it everyday,lol…i keep thinking just in case!


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