happy friday ~ rainy week

Happy Friday, everyone! It has been unusually cold and rainy this entire week. Definitely the thing I hate most about fall. As usual I broke out my beloved Hunter rain boots. I really don’t know what I did before these. I do recall walking around a lot more often with uncomfortably wet feet….is it silly that I am hoping we have another snow-packed winter here in Cincinnati? I enjoy them so much more now that I’ve got practical shoes for it. My dog Jenny comes with me to work every day, and I have on-street parking. This means that if it’s a rainy morning and my car is parked far away, by the time I get to work I have a very wet dog on my hands. NOT good. Lucky for me, I’ve got this sweet dog rain coat. She doesn’t like wearing it, but it gets the job done. Not bad for $12. I think people probably think I am just trying to be cute, but seriously I don’t know how people send their dogs outside in the rain without one.

I also found out this week that buying a cake pop from Starbucks is a lot easier than making them myself. So good! OH and in anticipation of some sunnier days, I got these Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviators. My Tory Burch aviators I got last winter broke on me, so I needed a new pair. Hopefully these hold up better than those did! I was just going to get the classic aviators, but then I saw these and read reviews that they are a little better for small faces. I don’t necessarily consider myself as having a small face, but I do notice that a lot of sunglasses I try on just seem too big for my face, so I opted for these, and so far I am pretty happy with them. They don’t pinch my head (if there is any tension whatsoever where they hit behind the ears, I get headaches), they’re really light (i.e. no sweat/makeup buildup where they hit my cheeks on a warm day), and even though they sort of “wrap” your head more so than the classic version, they still don’t smash my eyelashes too bad like a lot of sunglasses do.

I am spending this weekend outlining for my agency, partnerships and LLC’s class. I usually don’t start my marathon outlining weekends until November, but I thought I’d get a head start this year….wish me luck and have a good weekend!!!

~ Kathy

2 thoughts on “happy friday ~ rainy week

  1. Your dog is adorable! And coming from a former Sunglass Hut employee, those aviators are great if you have a smaller face. The wrap is better than the flat, original aviator 🙂 Great choice!

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