fall knits

I was looking through my new fall clothing this weekend and I realized how many knits I accumulated…I was pretty pumped Friday evening when it was finally cool enough to wear one of them!  By the way, did you know that Zara now has an online store?  I was VERY excited about this, as I love that store and always visit when I am Chicago. We don’t have one in Cincinnati at the moment, so the online store launch was a big deal to me.  My first purchase was the shearling-collared knit cardigan in the picture below.  My favorite sweater I got was, surprisingly, the cable-knit cream crewneck from Old Navy.  For as inexpensive as it was, I am surprised how soft it is. As long as I take care of it and stick to dry cleaning or hand washing, I think it’ll turn out to be a good purchase. If you are looking for an old navy coat or sweater, be sure to check out old navy.com before today is up! You can enter FABFAVES at checkout and get 30% off!!

Sweaters, left to right – Zara, Express, Express, Old Navy, Old Navy, Express.  Scarf – H&M.

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