weddings and Gap city flats

This weekend I attended by cousin Annie’s wedding.  In anticipation of lots of dancing, I put a pair of nude Gap city flats in my bag that match the Charles David nude pumps I wore… Have you ever tried these? They’re great.  Gone are the days that I have to call it a night based upon when my feet cannot take it anymore.  These shoes come folded in a pouch, but in instances where you have a clutch, such as I did, they can also fit into a small space laid flat.  They come in a bunch of different colors and finishes, including leather, patent leather, metallic, etc.

I really don’t know what I did before these.  I can enjoy my heels even more now, because as long as I have that backup pair of flats in my purse, I know that I don’t have to worry about that regret that you get when you realize that too-high heels are ruining an otherwise fun evening. I am all for clothing or other accessories (undergarments, for example!) that allow you to enjoy your your wardrobe even more.  I have been collecting these shoes in various colors – call me a bit too particular, but I always try to take ones that match the color of the heels I am wearing that night.

…..see what I mean?

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