happy friday ~ counting down….

Happy friday, everyone! As has been pretty typical lately, no posts for me!! 😦 I have a few in the works that are part-way done but that’s about as far as I have gotten in the evenings and on the weekends. This weekend will be a lot of chaos – I have to get my hair cut this evening (I haven’t gotten a haircut since January!!) and then I will be at my cousin Annie’s wedding tomorrow…that will be a lot of fun and dancing, but then I have lots of homework on Sunday!

I have exactly eight weeks and five days until this semester is over.  It’s that part of the semester where I cannot believe it’s halfway over already, but at the same time, the pressure to start outlining and studying and really get ahead of the curve is bearing down on me.  I try to ignore that feeling through October and let it consume my life in November, save for Thanksgiving day.

I have to say, that’s definitely a wonderful holiday for me.  November weekends are spent reading for class or outlining for exams all day every saturday and sunday, and by the third weekend or so of spending 9 am to 9 pm sitting at the kitchen table with a slew of books and papers around me, I start to go a little mad.  There’s this feeling like everyone in the world is leading this life of leisure and fun that I am not. I always have to laugh at myself – a walk up to the local convenience store for more coffee or a snack will result in me ogling people walking to restaurants and bars in their nice clothes, marveling at the glamorous life they lead that allows them to have a reason to look decent and sip cocktails and order off menus.

I am not to that level of isolation and self pity quite yet, so I will try to enjoy this weekend the best I can, with my fresh haircut and nice clothes and all – being a part of normal society rather than the hermit whose only November indulgence is playing HGTV softly in the background…

Speaking of November, Thanksgiving day is my big break from everything, and the friday saturday and sunday of that weekend is the time where I realize I have the bulk of the exam outlining tedium out of the way.  It’s always a great weekend for that reason.  Plus, I love decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving night.  Right now we don’t have room for our big tree, so I have a little tree for our living room.  I am also collecting photographs on my Holidays 2011 Pinterest board.  I have a couple DIY projects in mind for Christmas decorating which, if I am to get them done at all, it’s gotta be in October.

If I had my way, holiday decorating would result in every inch of my apartment being covered in glitter and Christmas lights.  I really can’t get enough of either.  Our living room is all black and white with a blue/grey paint on the wall, so I try to keep the decorating all white, blue, gold and silver to match. Yes, I am already thinking about this since it’s strongly associated with the light at the end of this fall semester tunnel.

What’s your favorite part of fall?  I am pretty thrilled the cool weather seems like it’s going to stick around – I have a lot of new fall clothes I stockpiled in August and September in preparation for this weather so maybe I’ll finally be able to wear them! Don’t worry, that’s all in a half-written post that I am bound to finish SOME time soon 🙂 Have a great weekend!

1 thought on “happy friday ~ counting down….

  1. I feel for you with the study, I remember when I was training to be a Psychologist I often had the feeling that everyone was out having fun expect me. But the achievement at the end of your study will be a fabulous feeling. Having Thanksgiving to look forward to is also important. I’m just trying to get my head around that holiday, being from the UK.


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