happy friday and Missoni for Target madness….

How was your week?  Mine has been good, although I am coming down with a cold.  I have some pro bono hours to do for school this weekend on top of the homework, so here’s hoping this doesn’t get any worse! So did you catch this Missoni for Target madness this week?  I was always a big fan of Missoni – not really the clothing, but the design of the textiles themselves.  I liked the colors and patterns, but also always thought that Missoni was good only in moderation.  I liked the espresso cups they were going to offer, as well as the luggage.  I had NO idea how popular it was going to be.  I honestly thought that Missoni was probably hurting in terms of sales in recent years.  I NEVER see it on anyone, in magazines, on television, etc.  It just really seemed to fall out of popularity, which if I am correct, is probably a big reason they were even willing to team up with Target to begin with! BUT that is all only based on my own observations, and I don’t really know.

So I went to Target on my lunch break Tuesday to get some Starbucks and I figured I would see if they had the things I wanted.  I could not believe how much everything was cleared out! It wasn’t until later that evening when I read stories online about the “black friday” comparisons that I realized what a big deal it was.  I don’t get that sort of behavior.  At the end of the day, it’s all just “stuff” that we don’t need, at least not enough to throw class and dignity out the window and go running and clawing your way through a discount store!

I’ll get off of my soapbox now!  I did pick up a few Missoni things.  I got this notebook for for work – I get a little tired of the same old yellow legal pad, so this is fun…

I also got some file folders and a couple cosmetic bags.  As you may already know, I collect small accessories (cosmetic bags, wallets, coin purses, pencil cases, etc.) like crazy, and use them all the time to organize things within the giant bags I always carry.  I can’t get enough of stuff like that, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the cosmetic bag Missoni section pretty well-stocked.  I also got some file folders.  These went into a box at home along with some other colorful file folders I have bought in the past.  I don’t know what I need any of them for, but when I see ones I like, I get them.  I suppose they’ll come in handy some day!

My big splurge was the carry-on.  I really liked this suitcase (despite internet comments about how “ugly” it is!)…the gaudy print and pastel/bright color combination reminds me of a retro scene from Palm Springs. I guess that’s sort of the theme of the entire Missoni line in general, but this suitcase in particular reminds me of it.  Since I didn’t really NEED the suitcase, I didn’t get it at my lunch break.  i figured I would think on it and if it was still available later if and when I decided to get it, that it was meant to be.  Later that night I went back and it was still there, so I got it then.

So that’s my story! I am really glad I wasn’t around for the rush of people to get this stuff.  Even over Christmas season I absolutely do NOT go out of the house the Friday or weekend after Thanksgiving.  Did you experience any of this or get anything good?  Next I will leave you with a gratuitous parrot shot – this is a colorful post as it is, so Enzo fits right in.  Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “happy friday and Missoni for Target madness….

  1. I love this post and so agree with you. I’ve not been a big fan of Missoni either but i’ve always been attracted to their attention to details and design. And yes, clothes a no no but their other products are lovely and i love the items you got!!! The patterned cosmetic bags and folder are soo cute!! I actually love the suitcase, not ugly at all!!! And it was meant to be for you to have this baby,hehe

    Wish we had target over here !!! arghhhh i been seeing a lot of friends from the states talking about it on their FB status,lol

    Hope you have a great weekend and take some rest!!! Go away cold! You’re not welcomed;-)

    p.s. you got a parrot? Does Enzo talk? hehe


  2. I never made it to the launch, but I am going to Target today. Doubtful anything will be left, though. And, p.s. I like the suitcase. You’ll always know which one is yours. : )

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