happy friday!

1. When I ordered from J. Crew, I chose to have it gift wrapped. It was way more fun to get my clothes in a pretty box tied with a ribbon than in the usual plastic bag that most mail order clothing comes in…

2. The bf has a tendency to take nalgene bottles to rugby practice and lose them, so we just ordered a couple more….I should probably use this opportunity to take one to work every day and drink more water….do the multiple coffees I drink per day count????

3. Mr. Enzo the sun conure loves to hang out with me while I do homework, watch television, clean the house, etcetera.

4. I got a few jewelry supplies from Michael’s and Etsy, including beads and vintage buttons…after a couple more video tutorials I will be ready to make a few pieces of jewelry I have in mind!

5. I got this scarf from H&M in the spring and this was the first week of the fall season it was cool enough to wear it…I know it’s not officially fall for a couple more weeks, but everybody keeps talking like it already is!! I think i am addicted to ikat prints.

6. Being the end of the week, the papers are piled up on my desk.  My favorite Friday ritual (when I find the time) is to get everything in order for the next week.  It helps a little on Monday to come into a clean, organized office, don’t you think?  That’s it for me.  Happy Friday and have a good weekend!!!

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