the pursuit of closet efficiency.

This week starts the second week of the semester. One down, 14 to go!  I am not thrilled about being back, but at the same time I feel more at home with all the extra work to do.  I think I function best when things are very busy.  I have been thinking a lot about how I need to go through my clothes and figure out what I need and what to get rid of.  It may not seem like a big deal, but in the midst of a busy work/school schedule, having a decent set of clothes to choose from every morning and before every night class can really help me in the sanity department.

I find it really tough to figure out exactly what clothes I will need for the upcoming season.  You don’t want to go out and just start buying things you like willy-nilly, because then you may very well have spent a whole lot of money yet have no workable outfits to glean from it.  I always feel like I have to pre-plan my shopping in order to get the most out of my clothes.  I am drawn to neutrals like white, cream, and grey, so luckily I naturally have a fairly coordinated wardrobe.  It definitely makes things easy to mix and match!

One of my favorite purchases from last winter was a dark grey corduroy blazer I got from Banana Republic.  Every time I turned around I was wearing it to work, class, on the weekends, nights out, etc.  In general I have found that I am wearing blazers a lot lately. Even tonight, while it’s 80 degrees out, I happily wore a blazer to class in anticipation of the air conditioned classroom.

With that said, even though I have not come to a definitive “must get” list for the fall/winter, I know a couple things are definitely on my list:

  1. Blazers
  2. Shirts – printed, embellished, something other than my usual boring solid plain ones (to wear under blazers casually)

To start the year off right, I hit up the sales at J. Crew online, really lucked out with the size availability and saved over $300!!!…

I think this is a good start, but it’s just a start.  I really need to clean out the ol’ closet before I really know what I need!

1 thought on “the pursuit of closet efficiency.

  1. I have to make precisely the same lists otherwise (aimless, unfocused) shopping for new season clothes results in: (1). Lots of clothes, no outfits, and (2). Bankruptcy.

    I love your striped blazer.

    I’ve been looking for something similar, here in the UK, for the last year and haven’t been able to find one.

    Happy shopping! :0)

    Sarah x

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