I Have Returned!!!…….. and DIY Jewelry

Hello! I hope everyone had a great summer. Given that I did not take any summer classes and was only working full-time, I anticipated that I would be posting more often – obviously the opposite has happened!  I tried to enjoy my nights and weekends off, which meant swearing off spending any time on the computer as much as possible outside of my job, except to at least keep up with what was happening elsewhere on the blogs.  Well, school started again and I have been reading for my classes today, so lo and behold, it’s an appropriate time to break from that and post something!

Anyway………one trend I like lately is the trend toward wearing multiple bracelets – a mixture of watches, wrap bracelets, metal links, etc. One type of bracelet I like in particular is the leather wrap bracelet, a trend that seems to have been made popular by the Chan Luu.

Chan Luu Gold Vermeil And Silver Bead Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

Chan Luu Nugget Wrap Bracelet: Beige

Max & Chloe Waxing Poetic Circe Leather Wrap Bracelet with Ring in Buff

Presh Crystal Rhinestone Multi-Chain Eggshell Leather Wrap Bracelet

I saw this tutorial on the blog Honestly WTF and gave it a go, except I replaced the hex nut with a lobster clasp.  It was really quick and easy and I would like to try it with a strand of rhinestone beads as well.  I happened to have the ball chain lying around from when I bought the wrong color chain to extend my celing fan string.  All in all, the raw materials came in at $6.41 including tax and it took about 15 minutes.  It’s not quite as fancy as the Chan Luu ones, but considering that they come in at $200, I can’t complain!

Since I have a few leftover materials – lobster clasps, extra ball chain, etc. from this, I think I may try a few more.

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