The Great Bedroom Organization of 2011….ties and whatnot

Ok, for such a large amount of organizing needing to be done in that room, this is quite the miniscule project to start with – but I don’t care.  These are the bf’s ties – stored on a hanger (and also, on the coat rack)….

Fancy, huh? Among many other things, the tie situation was not ideal for me – and I really had no clue what form of storage is acceptable for ties, except for one of those super ridiculous rotating tie contraptions you get from the Sharper Image or Brookstone (also not ideal).  Saturday we were at the Nordstrom Rack and the bf finds a tie for the wedding.  The tie table was full of ties packaged like this….

So, long story short, what’s good enough for Nordstrom is good enough for me – enter Target drawer organizers….

…I also took an idea I saw in an Ikea Pax wardrobe on Sunday and got another one for the belts…

Where exactly these organizers will go – in drawers, in the closet, in the cabinets we just bought – is yet to be seen.  So thats it for now…there will be more to come!

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