The Great Bedroom Organization of 2011….part 1

So as I have mentioned before, my boyfriend and I share an approximately 800 s.f., one bedroom apartment – along with a dog and two birds. I moved in a couple years ago, and with the storage in the basement, I had more than enough space for just myself. I really love the apartment, and so when the bf and I were going to move in together, we decided to stay there, even with the lack of space.  There are not a lot of options in our small neighborhood anyway, and we didn’t want to leave.   The downside of this is that we both have a lot of stuff.  We kept the kitchen, bathroom, and living room free from clutter, but the consequence is that the 15′ by 15′ bedroom is packed to the brim with crap.

The other day, I was looking through my photographs, and I was appalled at how clean and uncluttered the bedroom was pre-bf.  I would show you the “now” shots – but they’re far too embarrassing at the moment.  Here is what my bedroom DID look like when it was just me….

So that was then….now we’ve got two more dressers, another bird, and a whole lotta other stuff. While having this summer “off” from classes, I will be posting my many small projects I do in an attempt to get the bedroom under control…

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