April showers bring May…showers?

The lovely thing about Cincinnati is that is rains more here on average in May than in April, so after a crazy April rainy season, it is very likely that the end isn’t necessarily in sight…I got up at 8 and went to the coffee shop this morning and now I am back, studying and reviewing for my 6:30 p.m. wills and trusts exam.  I know you know this already, but I cannot WAIT to be finished.  Things have just been too hectic around here will all this studying.  My dog tore up a napkin 2 days ago on the living room rug. It’s right at my feet as I type – yet I have not picked it up (among an embarrassing assortment of other things) because my mind is elsewhere.  Well, have a great week! By the end of this one I will have a lot of un-fun things behind me and will be in a considerably better mood 🙂

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