13 days.

Thirteen days. That’s how long I have before my exams are completely over.  I am at that fun point where they’re just a few days away and I feel ill-prepared and overwhelmed.  I always feel this way about now, but somehow always come out of it ok. From now until then, just about every free moment is (or should be) devoted to exam preparation.  Unfortunately, such a shift in priorities wreaks havoc on the state of my apartment and wardrobe. Big mess, no clean clothes – ugh. I actually went out and bought a couple towels the other day since I had none clean. How bad is that?! I entertained the possibility of getting a Groupon for discounted cleaning services a few weeks ago, but in the end I did not get it, and I wish I had.

On the bright side, from May 5 until August 19, I am off school except for one week in July for a one-credit hour evening class.  I have taken summer classes in the past as well as committed to other school-related activities, so with nothing but my full-time job going on this summer, this will be the most free time that I have had since summer 2008.

One of the most significant tasks on my summer sanity retrieval to-do list is a whole lot of working out. I used to workout quite diligently, but since school started a little over 3 years ago, it has been a stop-and-go sort of thing at best.  I have stayed somewhat thin, but I miss being in shape like I used to be.  Today I was looking at the website of Mary Helen Bowers, the former ballerina who trained Natalie Portman in the Black Swan.  I came across this photo and it made me REALLY miss being in shape and being able to work out regularly:

Source: www.balletbeautiful.com

Isn’t she so pretty?  Ballet dancers are so athletic.  Sorry for the boring post!  As of late my thoughts consist of school stress comingled with daydreams and little or no creative juices are present. I always enjoy running and dance, and my friend Sarah and I are going to try out hot yoga as well as take up bicycling. I would also like to try pilates reformer at some point. Whatever I end up doing, I cannot WAIT for summer break!

1 thought on “13 days.

  1. I hope the exams go well and I hope that after they are finished you can take some time for yourself to relax and have fun! I absolutely love Pilates Reformer work, I used to have regular classes in the UK but I haven’t been able to stick to it in the US as much as I would like. I find them an amazing all body challenge (like you I admire the strength of the dancer’s body). I encourage you to invest in some fabulous work out gear to encourage you to work out. Good luck (with the exams first, the reformers second!)


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