Cake Pops

A couple of weeks ago, after eyeing the cake pops at $1.50 each in the Starbuck’s case, I found this recipe for cake pops on  I got all the supplies earlier this week, and then, the very next day, my local newspaper featured cake pops in food section.  They’re pretty good!  Excuse the crappy photos once again – I only had my terrible blackberry camera on hand –

For more tasty and moist (and yes, more fattening) cake, I replaced the oil with melted butter, and also separated the yolk from the eggs, whipped the whites until a meringue texture, and added them to the mix separately, and put a sheet of parchment on the bottom of the cake pan after greasing and flouring it.

As for the chocolate, I read that using “chocolate bark” or candy melts works better than melting chocolate chips – and I imagine everyone who said that is probably correct.  The chips are not getting as “runny” as I need them to coat evenly. I have only coated a few so far – I am thinking about going back to the store to get one of the suggested coatings to finish the batch.

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