Fashion: Accessories ~ Key Holders

I love small accessories and am always looking for an excuse to get more.  No matter how many I have, I always find use for one or several wallets, pouches, etc. in my bags at any given time. I am paranoid about makeup and highlighters leaking onto the lining of my bags, I like to avoid embarrassing moments like a tampon spillage in public places, and sometimes in a huge bag it is easier if you have everything broken down into a few categories of smaller bags from which you can readily choose and find what you’re searching for.  Larger “small” accessories like the Tory Burch pouch I recently bought are great for larger travel items like hairbrushes, hair products, etc., and I can also load it up with all the post it note pads, highlighters, pens, small stapler, and so forth that I carry around during my exam studying time.

Another added bonus of small accessories is that you can often get miniature versions of a designer style or print you like for a fraction of the cost of the designer’s full-sized purse counterpart.

I have bought plenty of attractive small accessories for various uses, including containers for my boyfriend’s junk mail and pretty Envirosax reusable grocery bags, but one “everyday” item of mine that has not been subjected to any embellishment is my set of keys. Right now my keys are pretty sad looking – my house, work, and car keys along with the car remote, Petsmart PetPerks Card and a couple of gym membership cards.  So not interesting.

Numerous designers carry key holders that either hold the keys themselves or simply act as a small “coin purse”-type attachment to a key holder.  Do you have one in particular that you use?

~ Louis Vuitton Epi Leather 4 Key Holder ~

~ Louis Vuitton Monogram Round 6 Key Holder GM ~

~ Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas 6 Key Holder ~

~ Marc Jacobs Preppy Leather Key Pouch ~

~ Juicy Couture Polka Dot Suede Drop In Key Purse ~

~ Dior Gold Patent Timeless Key Case ~

~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Calfskin Key Pouch ~

~ Juicy Couture Quilted Shimmer Key Pouch ~

~ Kate Spade Head in the Sand Darla Key Pouch ~

~ Dooney & Bourke Portofino Coin Case ~

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