Fashion Accessories: E-Book Readers

“So, a book! Does anybody read books anymore? Actually, I think books are coming back. You can quote me on the side of a bus if you want: ‘Books are back.’ Isaac Mizrahi.”

~ Isaac Mizrahi, Sex and the City season 5

Not that I ever thought books were “out” – I have always enjoyed reading – but, with all the e-book readers being sold these days I almost feel like “books” are being treated as a new fad that people are latching onto in e-reader format as if they’ve never existed in any other form before. Do you think e-readers will reignite this old pastime, or will people soon be walking around with e-readers full of hundreds of dollars worth of titles akin to the library of unread books so many people possess? I’d like to think that maybe this device can help get many of our faces out of a computer screen and back into literature…

I was at Best Buy this afternoon purchasing an Amazon Kindle for my father for a birthday gift, and I had to resist the urge to get one for myself as well. I never have time for leisurely reading these days with all my homework, so I am trying to hold off. I remember when I first saw the Kindle on Amazon in 2008 – it piqued my interest, but I was sure it was some passing fad that I would later regret, and besides, who could really trust an “Amazon” brand electronics device? Here we are 3+ years later and I never would have guessed that e-book readers would become so popular, with Kindle leading the pack. I am amazed, actually, at the number of readers out there. In addition to the Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX, you have the Barnes & Noble nook and nook color, the Sony Reader Daily Edition, Touch Edition, and Pocket Edition, and the list goes on….

The Kindle remains my favorite and it is the one I plan to get eventually. There are so many different covers to choose from and some designers have gotten on the e-reader cover bandwagon as well. There are several different cases available out there, designer and otherwise, and I am sure many more will be available by the time I a ready to purchase.

~ Diana von Furstenburg Kaylee ~

~ Kate Spade new york Canvas Collection ~

~ Kate Spade new york Leather Collection ~

~ Rebecca Minkoff ‘Book Worm’ ~

~ Rebecca Minkoff Snake-Embossed Leather ~

3 thoughts on “Fashion Accessories: E-Book Readers

  1. What changed your mind about an amazon brand electronic device being bad? I think that it’s awful. Amazon are letting people download eBooks for next to nothing at a cost to them with the sole purpose of putting small book shops and even large chains out of business so that they can monopolize the book industry. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that any real reader wants to see a future when the people at amazon dictate what books are read and what books aren’t. They will do to literature what itunes did to music. And no, that’s not a good thing.

    • Valid point – technological advancements and the internet, particularly large-scale operations like Amazon and the like, have certainly been detrimental to small enterprises in far more than just the book market. I shop online, yet I also try to frequent small, privately owned shops. It is important to me to support local business as well. I try to strike a balance between the two.

  2. i dont know, but i prefer buying books and holdin it in my hand. There’s just something more concrete and personal about holdin the book and flickin each page as i go along. The kindle is cool but i dont think i’ll be buyin it in the near future. It’s too sad if all the books were to be gone!!! but then again, never say never right?;)

    I actually just bought EAT PRAY LOVE book last month too,hahahaha so yeah….

    But i do love the KAte Spade pink with polka dot interior kindle case! so cute!


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