Weekend bargain shopping ~ my last hurrah.

I had a fun weekend.  My boyfriend’s parents came in town from Iowa to visit and go out for his birthday.  We ate a lot, shopped, and overall had a good time.  I also was able to go out in the neighborhood last night to a friend’s housewarming party and the local nightlife scene.  This was a great weekend, however, exams are coming up at the end of April so it’s that time where I will spend the next month or so devoting every waking moment of free time to reviewing, studying, and outlining.  Cannot wait for May!!!

This weekend bargain shopping included visits to some of the obvious spots – we went to Nordstrom Rack and I also went today to H&M and Forever 21.  These places are on my no-fail list for good deals. They never let me down!

I found a cute short-sleeved striped cardigan at Forever 21, as well as a cute ikat-y printed strapless jumpsuit. I seem to have a thing for blue this season…

I also got a braided leather bracelet and flower hair accessories from H&M, as well as a brocade credit card holder and miniature Prada Tendre perfume from the Rack.  I love the miniature perfumes, because there are so many perfumes I love but a full sized bottle is so expensive.  I do not wear perfume very often, so the sizes they sell at the Rack (this one was $12) are just right.

I am really excited about this one!!  I got this Kate Moss for Longchamp cosmetic bag in light blue calfskin for $45. It retailed for $260 so that’s quite a discount. I really like the braiding on the outside, and the zebra print interior really did me in.

I also got this cute Mulberry knock-off at H&M for $24.  As much as I love the real thing, this bag will do me just fine 🙂

That’s it for me, how was your weekend??

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