My Apartment: New Accessories.

I had a productive weekend with sale and bargain shopping.  The kitchen and living room have been greatly lacking in the details, and I found a few nice additions.

I got this Zebra Plate at Pier One.  The first thing I ever got at Pier One was a grey crackled-look soap dish in 1992.  Yep, even at the age of ten I loved that store 🙂 I kept jewelry in it and it was a sad day when I broke that dish.  So, redemption was warranted and I got this plate.  NO idea what I will do with it – I just must have everything zebra. And besides, it was less that $3. How could I go wrong?

Also from Pier One I got this awesome Wool Tuft Floral Rug. I saw this in the store in the fall and absolutely loved it.  It goes perfectly great with my kitchen colors and I love the print.  It was on sale this weekend when I stopped in, so I could not resist.  It also comes in the same print but with a black background.

I got these IKEA Ribba Frames for some old photographs I bought at the Historical Society.  We live in an older neighborhood and thought it would be cool to have some photographs of it from years ago.  I wish I could go back in time and see this town then – 100 years ago just down the street, one could get a “‘weinerwurst’ with each drink,” or so the sign in the photograph says.  Sounds good to me!

I knew when I got my Broyhill white sofa, chair, and ottoman, that the the whole “stain” risk was high.  I have been able to combat it fairly well on the couch and chair cushions with a wash in the laundry – however, the ottoman has not fared as well.  It only has a couple small spots, but that’s enough to drive me crazy.  I got this Ludde Sheepskin from IKEA to cover it and I love it! I just have to touch it every time I walk by it.  I know I have previously agonized publicly over my lack of throw pillows here, but I have finally committed to some.  I got the Target Home Outdoor Blue Fretwork Pillows.  I am not entirely sure if these will stick, but baby steps, right?

I loved this Crystal Table Lamp and have been eyeing this particular style for many years. Given my obsession with black and white, what really finally sold this lamp for me was its position directly next to this Lamp Shade with Black Piping in the homes section at Target.  I knew I loved the combination and had to get it immediately!  Once I get the end table project it sits upon all worked out, it’ll all really tie the room together.

I have a fear of clutter that has resulted in a pretty plain and empty living room for the past couple of years – I admire people who have a knack (no pun intended!) for accessorizing with photos, knick-knacks, and other items in a way that looks pulled together and inviting without looking busy and cluttered.  The shelves my boyfriend installed helped me along in that endeavor.  I found this White Lotus Candleholder at an awesome interiors store in town called High Street.  They have a ton of great accessories, modern furniture, and interior design services.  I have a feeling that if I am to add more accessories to the room, they’ll be white more often than not.

And last but not least, I was pumped to get these Brocade Office Accessories at the Container Store during their office sale this week. I am always trying to come up with ways to torture my boyfriend encourage my boyfriend to keep things, such as pens, mail, tiny flashlight (??), and keys that he regularly scatters about, organized and orderly, but it has been difficult.  I even got a nice black lacquer tray to put on the console table near the door and designated it “his” spot for those things.  I cannot say this has been working out wonderfully, but hopefully these desk accessories will inspire him to put things in their proper place….a girl can dream, right? 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Apartment: New Accessories.

  1. I totally am in love with that zebra print plate!!! Good choice:D

    And those Brocade Office accessories!!! I’ve seen something like that in shops over here but they just seem to come at absurd prices!!! But they look really stylish and it just makes it that much more fun and pretty to look at when you’re dealing with annoying billings, bank statements, and


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