Spring Fashion Wish List.

Happy spring!! It couldn’t come soon enough. As much as I love winter, by March I am ready to move on. I haven’t been around for awhile! My spring break (i.e. work still, but no night class for a week) flew by, and somehow I had even less time for my blog than I normally do. I had a good couple of weekends as far as shopping is concerned – my boyfriend’s parents are coming in town next weekend so we are preparing for that. Unfortunately I cannot find my camera (I know I saw it around here somewhere…) but as soon as I find it, I will have to share some of my new things.

Spring is always tricky for me – Winter is predictably cold and necessitates sweaters and coats on a constant basis, while summer is pretty obvious as well. Spring? I never know what to expect in terms of the weather, so layers are key. It also rains a LOT here (especially in May), so I won’t be putting the Hunter boots away any time soon. I have a few things on my Spring “wish list” – styles I hope to wear at least once (if not more) in the next few months as the weather changes….

Do you have style “goals” for each coming season?

~ White Lace ~

Cupcakes and Cashmere

~ Maxi Dresses ~

Michael Stars

~ Plaited Hair ~

Free People

~ Denim Shorts with Tights ~


~ Structured Bags ~

Louis Vuitton

Rebecca Minkoff

~ Delicate Layers ~


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