Trend: Stacked Rings

As you could probably guess from my post on Tiffany Paloma Picasso jewelry, I love the look of stacked rings.

~Tiffany Paloma Picasso Sugar Stacks~

They’re really popular right now and available at varying price points.  My personal favorite are those that include different colored gemstones and pearls.  Consistent with the trend to combine gold and silver jewelry and hardware in fashion right now, stacked rings as such are available as well. Some are actually one ring and just have the “stacked” look, some are individual rings sold in sets, while others, like the Tiffany Sugar Stacks, are all sold individually. As much as I like this style I don’t actually own any right now! I think it might be on my shortlist of  items to get this spring….

~Iosselliani Set Of 4 Silver Rings With Bronze Feather And Zircons~

~Iosselliani Stacked Silver Ring With Zircons, Garnet And Imitation Pearl~

~Banana Republic Precious Trio Stacked Rings~

~Janna Conner Florent Aquamarine Stacked Rings~

~Asos Ted Baker Multi Diamante Bead Set of Five Stacked Rings~

~Freedom at Topshop Neon Stacker Ring~

~Atelier Minyon Stackable Square Diamond Rings~

1 thought on “Trend: Stacked Rings

  1. The Tiffany stack is of course gorgeous, but I’m also drawn to the ASOS/Ted Baker ring, I love the gold/silver/black combination actually, it will work with so many outfits… I often visit Tiffanys on 5th Av in Manhattan, I’ll be sure to check out these rings the next time I visit. I think it’s a great idea they can all be purchased individually. Good luck with your wish list, and let me know if you buy… (or someone buys for you, which would of course be wonderful!)

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