Chuck love.

I have loved Converse Chuck Taylor’s since the first grade.  It was 1988, and my aunt was a buyer at a major grocery store chain. For some reason some vendor gave her a huge box of Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops.  I was six years old and had no idea what they were, but there was a nice half-salmon, half-mint green colored pair in my size.  The next day I wore them to school with my blue plaid Catholic school jumper.  As I sat at my little desk, the boy next to me looks down at my feet, eyes wide, and says “you have AWESOME shoes!”  This got the attention of the other boys around me, and they also found my Converse’s “AWESOME”.  Haha.

Jump to the 6th grade, 1993 – the Chicago suburbs.  My mom was unwilling to shell out the money to dress my growing feet in “real” Converse, but the Chuck Taylor style was huge back then and you could get knock-offs for about $6 a pair at Payless and other discount stores.  I had a pair in every color – blue, black, red – even a white/yellow/lime green plaid pair.

In high school in the late 90’s, I recall telling my friends that the style was one of my favorites and I wish they would come back in style.  At the time, they were definitely SO 1993 and therefore SO not cool!  Lucky for me, fashion is cyclical.



Classic White Low-Tops

Slip-on Black


Milk-White Printed

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