A Cardigan-Only Weekend

I walked out of work yesterday evening carrying my coat.  CARRYING.  It is funny how a simple change in seasons can get a person excited about little things she wouldn’t otherwise think about at all.  It was finally warm enough to go outside and be comfortable in a cardigan and flats rather than my usual winter getup. Even the music on the radio sounds a little better during that time in late winter/early spring, when you can turn off the heater and open the car windows for the first time in months.  I know, talking about the weather is pretty lame and overdone, but I am excited about it! I think just about everyone is right now after the cold, dreary winter we’ve had. I know a lot of people enjoy warm climates, but I wouldn’t trade in having four perfectly distinct seasons for the world…I love the change in seasons and the new smells and feelings that go with them.

I plan to cram as much homework as I can get into this weekend because I suspect we may have some nice weekends coming up, including my spring break week.  I am really torn about how to use my upcoming downtime usefully.  I have a small, fenced-in backyard thats about 20′ by 20′ that’s covered in leaves and in need of a major spring cleanup – but I also have a very cramped, cluttered bedroom and closet space that needs some cleaning out.  I cannot decide which project to plan for!  Do you see what full time work and night school does to a person?  I fantasize about having the time to rake leaves and throw old clothes into a “take to Goodwill” pile…sigh…

As for this weekend, I will enjoy a few dog walks WITHOUT the heavy winter coat and boots, and I might even go crazy and open a window while I read?  Hmm….. Hopefully you have something fun planned – have a great weekend!

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