Leg warmers are so practical if you want versatility in your wardrobe, that I do not know why they have not been more popular.  Dancers use these during practice, particularly during warm-ups, to – you guessed it – keep their legs warm.  Tights can only do so much.  Leg warmers can come in knee-high length or thigh-high, and can be worn pulled up cleanly or scrunched down.  They can be worn to the ankle, or sometimes pulled down past the heel to keep the feet warmer as well.

In fashion, they styles are equally as varied.  I love leg warmers because like tights, they allow you to get a bit more use out of your warm weather clothing in the fall and winter months, and also, they can serve as a good accessory to add texture and variation to an outfit.  I love wearing leg warmers underneath boots, with the tops of the warmers extending beyond the boots.  Not only is this a conveniently warm extra layer, but it adds texture and color as well.  I also love that it’s in style to wear them over pumps. From a distance they might look like knee- or thigh hight boots, and you can get more mileage out of your less cold weather-friendly shoes that way.

Alexander Wang.  Photos:

Michael Kors. Photos:

Qi Willow Cashmere Leg Warmers

By Malene Birger Leg Warmers

Juicy Couture Sequin Leg Warmers

ASOS Cable Soft Handle Mix Leg Warmers

Rag & Bone Shoreditch Leg Warmers


  1. If you can’t get away with thick woolen ones (my legs are a little heavy from being a little chubby and doing sports when I was in school a couple of years ago) try and get hold of some close fitting ones, almost like long socks.

    I wear mine when it’s cold out but I want to wear flats, when I’m on my motorbike in winter, or when I’m down the beach after swimming when it gets windy (since they don’t move much they’re also good for doing Yoga…). Plus they double as arm warmers. n_n My woolen 90cm ones are kept for home in winter after a hot bath.

    I think it’s the stigma attached to them from being associated with the Flashdance era (I’m a 90’s kid, but I’ve seen the disasters from that timeframe!) that makes them unpopular. I wish they weren’t because they’re so cosy and comfortable.

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