The wall my television is on has come a long way since I moved in almost two years ago.  It is sort of an awkward space – a closed-up painted-brick fireplace and about two feet of drywall, flanked on one side by the kitchen and the other by a low-hanging soffit and small hallway to the bathroom.  Here are a couple “before” pictures:

I started off with a small tv, a white Ikea Lack table and a wine fridge. Lucky for me, I met a guy (now my boyfriend) that can hang just about anything.  He informed me that yes, you CAN hang pictures on brittle brick if you get the right sort of “mortar screw” or something like that.  Naturally, when the boyfriend moved in, as would any man, he brought with him a large flat screen tv.  It looks a lot nicer and fills out the space much better than my old 19” tube tv did.  Here is how the space looks now:


The picture over the tv was a gift, and I got the floating shelves at Lowe’s.  They are a generic brand that were actually the least expensive ones I could find – much more affordable and even deeper than the similar option from West Elm. Unfortunately, they did not come in white, so we had to give them a coat of primer and a few coats of Krylon spray paint.  The retro-looking iPod speaker/radio was a lucky find.  I am a big fan of the Tivoli audio systems…

…BUT they can get pretty pricey, from $150 on up to several hundred dollars.  Some man at my mom’s work gave these very cheap, generic versions of the same to all the employees at Christmas 2009 – she does not have an iPod so I was more than happy to take it!!  I love it.  It works perfectly fine as an iPod speaker and radio, and it gives me the look without having to spend all that money.  I wish I knew where the guy got it…



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