We have yet ANOTHER winter storm warning for tomorrow – last winter and this one have been unusually snowy for my city.  I have always loved snow so that’s fine for me.  My love of snow was compounded by the fact that last year I “invested” in some Hunter boots. “Invested” never really holds true for fashion really, but it felt like an investment since I have saved many pairs of shoes from salt stains and my feet from freezing cold wetness almost daily for two winters now.  The first time I really thought about rain boots after the 2nd grade was when I was visiting a friend of a friend in 2007, and she had not one, but TWO pairs of Burberry rain boots.  At the time, rain boots/rubber boots were more on the fringes of mainstream fashion, so to have a $200+ pair of rain boots seemed so extravagant.

Last year I took what felt like an indulgent leap and got the Hunter “Original Tall” Rain Boot in Navy. For $125, it seemed a bit steep, but I love the utilitarian look of them – and at 100% rubber they seemed pretty durable. I was honestly not sure how much I would wear them, but then extra snowy winter #1 came and I was in those boots every day for months.  I love my boots so much that I am starting to think about getting a second pair.  Here is a short list of the ones I am considering:

I might want another pair of Hunter Originals – I have the no-gloss navy now – perhaps a high gloss black or a color, maybe violet?

I also am considering the Burberry House Check Rain Boot – post-Christmas I have seen these on a lot of people recently.

Since I am so indecisive about color and already have one pair of boots, maybe I should go a more cost-effective route?  I do like these Anna Solid Rain Boots from Target.

1 thought on “WINTER STORM WARNING!!!!

  1. The no-gloss Navy is probably my favorite of the hunter boots colors right now. I think for your next color, you should go with the violet – something that stands out and is more eye-catching 🙂

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