I went back to school this week (I am in grad school in the evenings), and so I used it as an excuse to get some new bags.  I found this site called, that sells handmade bags out of Malaysia.  They also have an Etsy shop.  They only have a few products that come in a number of colors.   All their bags come with plenty of interior pockets.  I am not sure if you think this is a bad or good thing, but I do know that I could personally use a separate pocket for my cell phone and keys – I am constantly paranoid that I am forgetting them and so I fish through my big bags repeatedly on the walk to and from class, double-checking that they’re still there. I drive myself crazy doing that!

The Kinies bags certainly do have a space for a Blackberry of iPhone, and they have a little silver hook for the keys, too!  I had been eyeing two different bags on the site for some time – the EZ Canvas Bag in Goldenrod, and the QT Canvas Tote in dark teal.

I decided to get both and I am pretty excited!  I have not used the QT Tote yet – the teal and bow seem a bit more spring/summery to me.

I have been carrying the goldenrod EZ bag to work and school in addition to my purse and I love it.

I can fit my wallet, pencil case, phone, keys, laptop, cord, and plenty of other things.  It seems pretty heavy duty and is washable, though I have not washed it yet.  I know it is only a matter of time until I spill coffee on it and will need to test it out J

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