The best part of the Tory Burch line is the shoes and accessories, which I love.  Tory Burch items are generally very clean and classic. I am not usually very big on conspicuous logos, but the Tory Burch “T” logo was excellently designed. It adds visual interest to otherwise very simple and easy to find silhouettes. Surprising to me is how inexpensive the shoes and accessories are compared to the clothing. Tory Burch herself has a blog where she talks about her own inspirations and ideas regarding fashion and beyond.

One of my (probably obvious) favorites is the Reva flat. I always love ballet-inspired fashion, so I am pretty thrilled about the current ballet flat trend.  The Reva is available in so many different colors and textures.  I have yet to purchase a pair because I am constantly changing my mind about which to get.  Since I am so indecisive, I think I will go with the Tumbled Leather Reva in Bleach if it is EVER back in stock again.  I am a sucker for neutral colors, and the white with gold seems like such a perfect spring/summer alternative to sandals.

I also love these Glitter Revas in Black – I have such an obsession with glitter right now and it is a great way to add sparkle to dark dreary winter:

Tory also has some small accessories I love, like this Mirrored Crinkle Small Cosmetic Case in black gunmetal.  Maybe it is my obsession with grey, but I love gunmetal.  It is a nice change of pace from the usual gold, silver and brass:

I am a little too obsessed with watches recently – this Neon Studded Logo Cuff is a nice alternative:

This Tiny Jewelry Zip case is currently on sale for $39.  I am not traveling any time soon, but I am tempted to find a reason I need to transport some of my earrings sometime soon just to get it:

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